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March 29, 2011
Moving towards 2012 – realizing the consequences from an astro-logical perspective
Foreword: “Only by the demand of the people and the masses will change actually begin. It is only by education that allows these methods to be known by the people so that they may realize new methods do exist.”
The upcoming trends of the planetary interactions suggest that April will potentially be a very volatile month and May may be even more tumultuous. In astrology the prediction of important change harkens back to the eclipse cycle of December 2010/January 2011. Eclipses are often important harbingers of change in the coming months.
The planets are currently lining up in configurations suggesting great change, disruption, upheaval and dissonance and this month has wrought the influences of key players in the Universe that have their influence on us as individuals and on a global scale. WE see that the year has already started off with great turbulence with one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded in Chili complicated by an ensuing tsunami. On the heels of that came the uprising in Egypt which set the world on edge as significant uprisings and protests among the people and then spread to other areas of civil unrest now focusing on the situation in Libra.
Then as February set in, a major cyclone in Australia sent thousands of locals and tourists on the run to escape from the danger; next the Philippines were hit with a month of heavy rains that triggered massive floods and landslides; the east coast of the U.S were pummelled by massive storms of snow, ice and severe cold which also spread into Eastern Canada; Sri Lanka was next with storms ravaging rice and vegetable crops by heavy rains; next it was Japan with the triple threat of the earthquake, tsunami and now the Nuclear meltdown as Asia's richestg nation face a mounting humanitarian, nuclear and economic crisis. And we are only entering the fourth month of the year...wow it's been quite a ride!
Those of us in the astro-logical fields can readily see the connection between the recent Eclipses and these sudden disasters and catastrophes that have reached overwhelming scenarios of crisis and emergencies.
Key changes in the heavens and planetary movements suggest that things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better; this is what the prophecy of 2012 is all about, showing where were we are heading over the next year. And indeed we must prepare.

The universal chess board is about to get royally messed up as the Lord of Rebellion and Revolt,[Uranus] competes with the Lord of Destruction and Transformation [Pluto] as the Lord of Karma also enters into the mix. The concept of the Trinity is now being heard loud and clear.

These key players in the unfolding drama reveal what lies ahead: the Lord of Destruction is settling into the sign of Capricorn where he has begun to tear down governments, political organizations, leadership and general systems of civilization. This is because the Power Mongers and War Mongers of the world have gone way too far as they move closer to the agenda of a New-World [global] government that will seek to control and oppress the populations of the world even as they attempt to deliberately reduce the population. Surely you are aware of the threat of an ongoing POLICE STATE now being marshaled behind the scenes of awareness of the people...if you are not familiar with this possibility unfolding, tune into U-tubes Prison Planet; that is a real eye-opener. The Lord of Karma [Saturn] is also playing a significant part in destabilizing social systems and socialization in general...which is currently challenging the wisdom of our government, cultural, educational and legal systems on a global scale.
Basically the dominoes are all stacked and ready to tumble, as global systems and governments will continue to fall; weather disasters continue to wreak havoc, wiping out agriculture reserves and diminishing our food supplies while at the same time culling the overall population. Japan's crisis is having a huge destabilizing affect on the world, not just their own country, and this can be enough to topple global economies. At this juncture we cannot afford to ignore the long-term impact of the major nuclear meltdown in Japan which will have terminal affects far into the future. As well we must remember that with every disaster zone there will be people seeking refuge elsewhere and we are already seeing the effects of a major exodus out of Libya. As a result our own countries will eventually be overwhelmed by the needs of migrating people to escape from all the wars and natural disasters occurring around the globe; this may not be anything new but the rate at which it is occurring now is quite astounding....these are all similar causes that have contributed to the demise of empires and civilizations of the past. All the power of the Roman Empire did not prevent such a collapse due to a combination of factors and we are foolish to think it could never happen again. The Mayans themselves also experienced a similar collapse although it is claimed that they were not simply 'wiped out in an instant'. The Rapa Nui of Easter Island is another example of non-sustainable living that led to their demise as well.
We can easily see the writing on the wall of the coming of the predicted new paradigm shift and the planetary signs all seem to point in the same direction. As above, so below.
The movements of the trans-personal planets [Uranus, Neptune and Pluto] planets are projecting influences that are all new to those living today...thus we are covering all new ground as we approach the final countdown set to ccur in 2012.
Currently the Lord of Karma is in a standoff against the Guru of Spirit and Consciousness expansion which will continue for a few more months. The influence of this stand-off creates a general sense of undermining hope, optimism and faith and is in turn creating a greater degree of uncertainty, indecisiveness, doubt and powerlessness among the populations of the world amidst the increasing oppression and attempts to take over control by the One-World-government whose mandate is to strip away our rights, oppress us through fear and insist on creating police states [involving interment camps that are already being constructed]. Past cycles of this opposition are associated with significant social changes and economic restrictions and hardships which recurs approximately every 12 years...remember the chaos and apprehension surrounding the onset of the new millennium at the end of 1999? As such we can expect similar reactions the closer we get to 2012, however the impact at this point may be even greater.
Let's take another look at how the energies of the planetary archetypes are now unfolding. These are the messages they attempt to put forth.
Increasing Rebellion, Revolt and RESTRUCTURING:
This is the realm of Aquarius and its ruler, Uranus. Uranus has spent the last 7-8 years in the sign of Pisces, a passive, emotional energy that has allowed leaders and governments to pull the wool over the eyes of the sheeple and create illusion, deception, secrecy and confusion. The veil of Pisces provides distraction from reality by generating unrealistic hopes and expectations. The plan of the New World Order has been kept secret during these years and we have been deceived by major cover-ups about what has been really happening while we have been sleep-walking through our daily lives. We have been fed a whole lot of bird seed to keep us compliant and passive so that we fail to see what is occurring on the subtle plane without our awareness. We have been duped, misinformed and hypnotized by the belief that governments are there to serve the people...this is definitely not true especially in these times because the game is all about POWER AND GREED. As individuals we have been lulled into a state of false security and trust and have allowed our individuality to be suppressed so that revolution and civil unrest does not erupt among the people.
Yet we look around and see how the underprivileged third world populations have been oppressed so much that they are now standing up in greater numbers to protest against the powers that attempt to make their lives a living hell. Can you see? This year the focus has been on the middle east, starting with Egypt and ballooning out among other countries which is now seriously playing out in Libya. Unfortunately we westerners have felt no urgent need to stand up in strong protest yet there is nothing to prevent similar situations occurring in our own homelands. We have forgotten about the American civil war and then the civil uprisings pitting the blacks against the whites in the U.S during the 60's. These days most have become too complacent about the bigger picture; if it doesn't affect them personally it doesn't matter and this is a very dangerous mind-set to be in.
This is the problem with the western way of thinking...we too easily forget what has already occurred and fail to recognize that all things in life work in circles and cycles. At this juncture there are big changes ahead as Uranus moves into the more rebellious and aggressive sign of ARIES. Image the outcome of the Lord of Chaos and Upheaval working through the energy of Mars, the Warrior...the cork has been removed from the monkey's butt, so to speak. Say goodbye to complacency, passivity and subtlety. In this fiery sign Uranus is ready to kick up its heels and bring about the necessary chaos and upheavals that will insist on promoting evolutionary changes...and this is what lies ahead in April.
Anarchists and survivalists will take their place more fervently now in opposition to the attempts of the LEADERS AND GOVERNMENTS to establish this new-world-order. In the words of Alex Jones, there is a war on for your mind [Alex Jones] and this is becoming quite increasingly obvious...if you are unfamiliar with the term 'prison planet' you need to get the truth of the overall plan that is playing out. As if that is not enough, from April 1 the great Warrior himself [Mars] comes back to it's home domain and that also means increased aggression, conflict and a generally combative energy. As the Warrior meets up with the Lord of Chaos the natural aggressive energies become highly combustible.
Thus we have extremely destabilizing energies coming into play this spring: things will get even more risky around April 12, when the Warrior also squares off with the Lord of DESTRUCTION and TRANSFORMATION: expect some critical events to take hold.
The full Moon of April 17th will likely set off the ticking time bomb.
The toppling of governments, terrorism and nuclear accidents are all predictable under the realm of the Dark Lord, Pluto, and since entering the sign of Capricorn in November 2008, the game of destruction has already taken hold. The Dark Lord holds reign over the masses in particular, bringing intensified crisis that create Do or Die situations. For individuals this brings pertinent incidents of 'Trial by Fire' so that all that stands in the way of our evolutionary progress can be purged to make way for the eventual Rising of the Phoenix and resurrection. This energy can be catastrophic especially for the vulnerable and those with psychological imbalances who fail to head the warnings of What Could Be. Pluto's journey through the sign of governments, stability and structure continues through until March 2023, so we better get acquainted with the necessity of getting rid of personal psychological baggage and ready ourselves to increase our individual resourcefulness and adaptability to necessary changes. And ultimately this is the lesson of preparing for the nexus point in 2012.
Those who are ill-prepared, weak minded, intimidated, oppressed, subservient and feeling powerless will be the ones most vulnerable to the ravages of the Dark Lord in the years to come. We must not get caught up in the quagmire of our own fears, weaknesses and obsessions. The Lord of Destruction is all about POWER and since the nature of the Power Mongers is all about control and domination, Pluto will be stepping in to tear down the structures of our perception of so-called civilization. Have you not seen how the concept of toppling structures is already underway under this energy?
Bridges are suddenly falling all over the place as they become outdated and even the Great Wall of China is disintegrating through age. Systems of transportation are falling apart as well: underground transit systems are also increasingly being targeted as terrorist avenues and above ground transportation systems are also crumbling into chaos. Imagine being in the subway when an earthquake rumbles through...and lets not forget that entire transit systems are more susceptible to terrorism as well thanks to computer technology allowing for some to hack into systems in general and create invisible attacks all in an instant and without warning.
For the next three weeks the planet of Communication and Transit veers off course until the 21st of April and so we can expect rather startling news regarding travel and transportation.
What is coming ahead also is a squaring off between the Lord of Destruction and the Lord of Chaos and Upheaval and the ramifications of that can be highly disturbing. As we move towards the summer and fall these two mega disruptors intensify their energies and we can expect increasing tension, turmoil, crisis, destruction and chaos coming to a head by then. This may the peak of anarchist activity and resistance and could prove to be a turning point in the Crisis in Libya.. The planet is gearing up for some major earth-shattering events as the advent of the 2012 predictions gets closer.
Don't believe in the prophecies? If we continue to deny the possibilities of what a widespread paradigm shift could mean we continue to be blinded by ignorance and a lack of perceptive awareness and we will be unprepared for whatever circumstances may play out. The only way we can truly prepare is from a mental and spiritual level of awareness; we must be attentive and alert to what is occurring rather than merely sleep walking through life. We must move away from a state of fear, hopelessness and defeat for otherwise the battle is already lost. We must also make the move of reconnecting with divinity to increase our inner strength and consolidate our faith in the fact that we can survive even the worst of catastrophes that may befall us. We must have a strong constitution to withstand these changing tides coming our way and learn to store up our treasures in heaven rather than believing in a sense of security gained by material aims and acquisitions. We must realize what is truly important in our lives and in the lives of those we love.
In particular is the prophecy suggesting the potential for a polar shift of the earth's magnetic field. The results would bring about critical earth changes. OF note is the fact that the major quake in Japan has already caused a degree of polar shift which is not spoken about in mainstream media. To our own detriment we leave that whole issue to the scientists and the realm of physics.
The recent tsunami in Japan provides a good metaphor for what we may be blind-sided by. In this recent trio of catastrophes we are provided evidence of the connection between Uranus and earthquakes...what better way to initiate chaos? And then at the same time the unraveling of the nuclear crisis is a definite signature of what Pluto is all about, because it does in fact relate symbolically to nuclear power: unfortunately it tells us how quickly things can being to unravel and the lessons that are playing out now will reverberate for many years to come.
Yet the government censored media continues to attempt to tell us that the consequences will not be so dramatic as first expected...the health consequences will be minimal, they say, but that is just a shell game because they purposely elude admitting that it is the long term affects that will bring about the worst of such current events. Mainstream media has minimized the danger claiming that the affects will be diminished as the fall-out crosses the water. One still has to wonder that if the readings in the States are minimal, then how is it possible that significant readings are already occurring further to the west in Europe, Sweden, Iceland etc.
The media tells us these things because they assume that most listeners will not question what they are being told. Again they do not want to introduce fear and panic among the peoples of the earth for that could contribute to greater chaos and mismanagement. This is the tactic they use, which brings us to the workings of the Goddess of the Oceans and the influence of Neptune.
At the beginning of April 2011 the Goddess will return to her home domain meaning after traveling elsewhere through the universe over the past 165 years; the typical associations of energy release and expression will be more direct and pure when the Goddess sets to get her Pisces domain in order. Those of us alive today have never experienced the energies that are about to make their way into our collective experience.
Initially we see the affect of 'troubled seas and major flooding' as the work of the Goddess, for again this is her domain thus we know that she is not wasting any time getting her own realm back in order.
In astro-logical circles Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and is considered a planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, or ,when afflicted illusion, and confusion...the energies typically work through the subtle plane of ethereal awareness...as such most individuals are unaware of the influences as changes take place on a subconscious and psychological level over a long period of time...those of us with Neptune energized in our charts are more intuitive and receptive to these subtle energies and tend to be more psychically attuned...This slow-moving planet's transits are long-lasting, and each transit takes its time to unfold. “As Neptune transits a point in our chart, retrogrades back over it, and then hits it again in direct motion, it imparts its own special wisdom upon the point in question in the areas of lives and parts of our personal psyches ruled by that point”.
For many years now Neptune has been transiting Aquarius which in many ways has served to contribute to the dumbing down and a numbing of reality for many people. Through the airy elemental nature of Aquarius most people became hypnotized and accustomed to the fact of turning away from reality ...they wanted to believe in the concept of humanitarian goals and aspirations and the concept of brotherhood ; as such they were willing to believe that everything they heard in the media was true...this has been the great deception that has allowed all the secrets of the Power Mongers to go unnoticed...we have been duped and manipulated by this rather adverse influence of the Goddess in Aquarius...however now the changes will be quite significant in the times to come. Now that the veil is being lifted at this point, secrets will finally be revealed that have previously hidden from us for the longest of times. Now will be the time of much disclosure about what has truly been going on in the world right under our noses, because now the veil is being lifted. Who remembers that just prior to the millennium there was an investigative program, called Disclosure that promised to reveal many previously held secrets [censored government documents]; one initial issue was concerned with the conspiracy of Roswell and the secret interactions involving UFO's.
We were also told that we would have disclosure about the truth of the Kennedy assassinations and war documents as well. Yet sure enough, this series was canceled almost immediately which was very curious at the time but it also points to the surreptitious activities that have been ongoing on behind the scenes for so long now. Still many government documents continue to be sealed, including the disaster of 911.
It is my understanding that Neptune moving through different signs of the zodiac often tends to be more oriented to secrecy, subterfuge and non-disclosure. In her own domain however she is more capable of being open and forthright as she seeks after greater understanding, enlightenment, compassion and understanding through collective connections. When we fail to see beyond the facade of the illusions that have been created for us we are subject to suffering and surrender; often personal sacrifices must be made under this energy. The ideal of the Goddess is to rise above the physical to know the mysteries of life symbolizing the experience of 'the personal soul (Moon) merging with the trans-personal or cosmic soul.'
Neptune in a water sign [Pisces] is all about deep emotions: as Goddess of the oceans she symbolizes the depths of our subconscious as well as our universal connection with the All. Additionally she represents our psyches as is related to our personal inner divinity.
For the un-evolved soul, Neptune can create great confusion, a dampening of the vital energies, and frequently increases the desire to escape from the limitations of the physical experience, thus she can cause vulnerable individuals to seek escapist activities, through drugs, alcohol and other distractions and when combined with the influence of Scorpio can also create self-destructive behaviors, neuroses or suicidal ideation. The imagination is also linked to this Goddess, which for some allows for great creativity while others get overly caught up in the imagination especially as it relates to fears and obsessions which can translate as insecurity, nervousness and a propensity for worrying constantly; the imagination is indeed a wonderful part of our earthly experience so long as it does not lead to constant day-dreaming, the inability to deal with reality and being vulnerable to the influence and manipulations of others. In it's highest form however Neptune represents the essence of Divine Love and spirituality which tends to elude the majority of the masses. For the majority we see how easily individuals can be subdued into submission which in turn sets them up for easy suggestibility and entrancement and this can prove very dangerous in the coming times.
The one-World-government utilizes this weakness in people to further it's goal of global control by hypnotizing the masses into a false sense of security by providing misinformation and downplaying the threat of significant danger...always remember that the goal of this sinister plan is to take over the world through population reduction, oppression and control.
This is what we must recognize as part of the program leading up to 2012. We must consider the actions of the multitudes of secret societies flourishing now more than ever which when massed together may yield great power over naïve individuals. They are all part of the plan to further the ultimate goal which is no less serious than the Nazi plan of Hitler. We do look back in horror about the holocaust yet we have been lulled into the belief that such things could never happen again, representing yet another false belief that has been consistently fed to us. We must realize the very real threat that indeed it could occur, as part of the Mayan prophecies, showing the need for the masses to finally stand up against the tyranny, oppression and powerlessness already increasing around the world.
This is what has been occurring in Egypt, the Middle East, Libya and other third world countries, as if setting the example for the rest of us to see the light of truth. The unfortunate thing about humanity is that most will refuse to stand up until the threat comes right in their faces...this is why crisis is such a good motivator after all. How much pressure are we westerners willing to put up with? Some people never see the light until it shines through bullet holes. Rest assured though that there will come a time in the not so distant future where a complete paradigm shift will descend upon the earths peoples and by then it will be too late to stop it. What exactly is a paradigm shift? Simplistically this is where illusion meets up with reality and while we individually experience many personal changes in reality through our life the prophecies portend that something similar will indeed occur only at this juncture it is apt to be on a massive scale.
Consider the concept of waking up one morning and the whole world has changed; morphed into something entirely different that we could previously not even consider. This is the experience of the many victims of natural disasters such as the triple catastrophes in Japan so recently. Interestingly some have even suggested that they are not even sure if 'survival' after such devastation is worth it...hinting that they might have preferred death over the changed world that they must now face.
This is why I believe that Neptune has a large role to play in unveiling and revealing the threats that lie ahead. The Goddess is attempting to get us to wake up to the reality of the oncoming onslaught of disruption and upheaval. People need to stop hiding their heads in the sand and realize that the illusion is soon coming to an end. We can no longer sit back watching The Lord of Destruction from a distance, believing that we are safe against such threats. We must open our eyes and realize the truth of what is about to happen. We have already seen one official break down and weep over the deceptions being promoted about the consequences of the Nuclear Crisis in Japan and this should be taken as a sign by all of us. We can no longer turn away from the warnings of the planetary energies that are descending upon us. Remember the quote that 'while everyone was sleeping the boats put out to sea' and that is exactly what is happening now. Neptune will now be critical in opening the lines of consciousness to the greater reality of what is coming down. The sheeple of the western world most urgently need to Wake Up since we will all be in the critical times ahead together. Few will be spared. This is why they say that 2012 is about an Awakening of Consciousness. The quickening is already happening yet it is only the truly aware that recognize the signs upon the subway walls.
I am not endorsing the doomsday scenario of misguided prophets, I am simply stating that the Winter Solstice of 2012 carries a lot of symbolism and I believe that it will indeed serve as a critical nexus point of change that is so necessary for this current stagnant state of our human evolution. In the legend of Atlantis this is exactly what occurred as a result of the ignorant use of power and technology. And it was the same drama that played out with the Roman Empire although perhaps maybe their downfall involved more of the desire to expand too far because of greed and the need for domination. Can you see the parallels yet?
These are the messages I feel compelled to share with others. In my reality the ideal of hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst is significant.
When the people of the western world truly begin to wake up there will be many questions and concerns about how to prepare. To be prepared is to be forewarned. One last point, those living in a comfortable and secure situations may in fact be the ones to suffer the most when disaster comes knocking...Uranus in Aries will demand a 'pioneering' spirit fuelled with resourcefulness and the ability to adapt. Ironically, I see that the homeless, impoverished and street people will ultimately be more capable of adapting to living with 'much less' for they have already lived that experience and perhaps they will be the true pioneers in carving out a new existence, while the people of advantage may well be totally devastated in having to give up all their possessions, their housing and food security, their fancy cars and all of the conveniences they are accustomed to enjoying. That is a somewhat frightening thought for contemplation. As such how well could you survive in an emergency situation? That is the burning question we are individually coming up against.
I am working on a month by month calendar of upcoming planetary conditions which I can make available to seriously interested persons. If you wish to know more, email me at

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