Monday, January 31, 2011

2012 options

January 31, 2011
Pick your poison..

I ask what would you fear most if we were to experience the ‘end of time’?

Let’s look at the options:

1)Extra-terrestrial occupation. Would we be their prey? This option could present a scenario like ‘V’; on the other hand it could mean major evolutionary progression for humanity. I personally prefer to think that the aliens would be ‘Light Beings’ here to help us ascend to higher dimensions.Would they come to save us or destroy us? Would they transport us through time?

I recall a dream of many years ago where I was traveling into space in a very small space
craft that was self-controlled; it was more like a container…and I was alone simply sitting cross-legged on a mat; the light level was low; I just sat looking
at the space all around me and felt both thrill and awe…

2) Colossal earth changes: tsunami, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, floods,etc…could that possibly be global or only in certain locations? Would it be survivable?How much suffering would any survivors endure? This would probably lead to wide-spread disease outbreaks, hunger, and massive deaths.

3)  Space impact…comet, meteor…Extinction Level Events. Personally I would rather be killed immediately than survive the after-effects only to struggle for

4) Economic collapse…a leveling of the playing field in the material realm…greater balance between the classes, however many would not be able to cope with having all their material acquisitions being lost.

Consider the already high numbers of homeless and people living in poverty/squalid conditions.
We try to regularly support one individual we know rather than contributing to anonymous
charities, for they are after all, another form of organization. What if such people are in training for extreme survival mode already…perhaps they are the
ultimate pioneers of a new age because they have already learned about resourcefulness and
adaptability. How would you fare in such severe circumstances?

There is already enough evidence to see that we could very well be heading for an economic collapse. Forget the numbers and pay attention to the trend of declination around the world.Forget whether the forecasters are saying ‘boom or bust’…they are only interested in numbers.

Consider the major political chaos currently in Egypt…last year even some of the European countries
were teetering on the edge of major downfalls…Forget the predictions that the real estate market knows the upcoming trends…instead consider all the foreclosures and evictions that many home-owners faced because of the economy last year…and don’t forget how the people were forced to bail out BANKS  and financial institutions and auto-makers last year…yet when the individual gets into financial trouble no one is there to bail them out…quite the contradiction there, to say the least. I just saw a news clip yesterday about a very wealthy man living in an ultra-luxurious million dollar home in California…he has not paid his mortgage for months, yet still manages to live in the house. It is an example of paper-pushing and playing shell games. When you have wealth on our side you have a shield of protection. If you are among the common people living more modestly, when you screw up you bear the full weight of the law.

Personally I have lived on the edge of homelessness many times in the past….having to decide whether to
pay the rent or feed the children…as we used to say ‘one paycheck away from homelessness’. Why do you think all these money marts and lenders have sprung up?

5) NEW WORLD ORDER - take-over by tyrannical government – this also would be a terrible thing to live under…remember that the goal of the ‘world government’ is one of wealth and power…the abuses of power are easy to see all around us…politicians using public money for their own pleasure; how did we allow that to ever happen? Remember that this goal would involve oppression and control of the populations…we see how already
they are taking away our rights and these are becoming more and more obvious.

They assured us that the holocaust ‘would never happen again’…I say History is doomed to repeat itself.  And this is very much like what it would
be like living under a global dictatorship…even to the point of work camps and internment.

I still insist that the world is spinning out of control…how long can we continue to live under extreme
circumstances which are only getting worse all the time?

Now some notes from the perspective of Astrology:
the planet Uranus[change, revolution] moves into the sign of Aries [the warrior] in March of this year where it remains until 2018…in 2012 it forms a negative alliance with Pluto [destruction and renewal]. Pluto rules over atomic energy and terrorists by the way. When these two planets form this particular aspect, it can symbolize being blindsided or sideswiped.

“The astro-logical likelihood for 2012 is that the paradigm-shift issues of the 1960s will be forced by circumstance to deliver their goods: ecological ideas, women's power and techno-globalism, to name but three bundles of issues, will probably have to handle an emergency. War, institutions and boundaries (Aries-Capricorn) are predictable front-runners for likely trouble. Knowing how things are nowadays, this aspect is likely actually to bring a hailstorm of major issues.

The term astro-logical means making sense [logic] of the patterns of the stars and planetary bodies.

Mystics and metaphysicians have a common theme that they believe will play out as the Awakening begins to unfold. “It will symbolize a ‘renaissance’ period for humanity” they say. 

“In the 2012 winter solstice conjunction, we will experience nothing less than a total rebirth of the planet and our consciousness, at proportions so extreme that our linear brains cannot possibly conceive of the enormity and complexity. The wisdom will not be based on ancient paradigms, but on a totally new multidimensional consciousness that allows its initiates to function in the fourth and fifth dimensions with third-eye activation [psychic center] and a global consciousness that is shared through a connection of our heart chakras”. 

I will say that the astrological calendars continue to go on and on and on into the future as if the future never ends. Why then does the Mayan calendar speak of endings and such? With a significant paradigm shift, as suggested in the paragraph above, we could actually experience something that symbolizes the end of time itself [finding the gateway to Time travel?]

It is common among astrologers to use the following keywords:
Resurrection, righteousness, faith, trust, awareness, radical changes in cognition.
Also: technological upheavals [like Atlantis], the reaping time, sudden unexpected global changes, revolution or awakenings.
I lean towards the ‘awakening’ in preference.

It is interesting to consider the movie Awakenings with Robin Williams:In a mental institution the patients were somnambulant …they were like automatons until some progressive therapy allowed them to briefly wake up from their comatose situations. Imagine what that would be like…I liken it to what is happening now. the sheeple are sleepwalking through life and what will it take to awaken them to a new reality?  

And what about those pre-cogs in the movie Minority report?

As an aside I have a multitude of files about the horoscope for 2012 which I plan to gradually share.

When Uranus/Pluto square off with each other the shock waves of power can become significant.
New impulses arising from a conjunction are put to the test - there is a manifestation crisis. The astrologically-logical likelihood for 2012 is that the paradigm-shift issues of the 1960s will be forced by circumstance to deliver their goods: ecological ideas, women's power and techno-globalism, to name but three bundles of issues, will probably have to handle an emergency. War, institutions and boundaries are predictable front-runners for likely trouble. Knowing how things are nowadays, this aspect is likely actually to bring a hailstorm of major issues.

One source suggests that “Changes are about to happen on the astral plane,” he said. “Science has been in power on the material plane, but there’s going to be a turnaround in 2012–I’ve been told this by my spirit guides. From that year on, science will decline, destroyed by its own excesses. Then spirit will return to the planet.” Instead of a passionate humanitarianism, this man advocated detachment and withdrawing from the material world.

And further “It may be a pivotal point in geographical changes, which are already taking place, and if this should be accompanied by an ELE [extinction level event] then I guess there is no point in worrying about it since there would be little we can do to prepare for it. I believe that this does not necessarily mean the end on a physical level. Rather I believe that it symbolizes the end of civilization ‘as we know it’. There are a number of astro-logical cycles coming to a close in 2012 indicative of new beginnings.

I have to agree that in many of the cataclysmic scenarios that might occur there is little we can do to prepare. Still a spiritual awakening may occur and this we can take steps to prepare for. It may be our only salvation in the end. Preparatory actions involve re-connecting with the Spirit within us all….more on that later.

For now we have a lot of bitter pills to swallow in the dash towards 2012 and we are best served by learning how to turn lemons into lemonade… Can you see?

The contradiction of Brotherhood

In the writings of Agni Yoga it is said
“Out of the ashes of the Old, the New World is created”

Until recently I did not know the extent of how many leaders and people of influence are associated with secret organizations often called the Brotherhood. To me the word implied unity, compassion and humanitarian activities. Not necessarily so, as I find out.

Apparently George Washington and Ben Franklin along with many others of the founding fathers were members of such a brotherhood. It is supposed to represent groups of people claiming to specifically be concerned with serving mankind. They have a polished image of wealth, power and supposedly integrity but as we learn now their image is but a camouflage to what their true purpose is.

Agni Yoga states that ‘these men devoted their lives to the creation of America and had the courage and daring to sign the Declaration of Independence. The Brotherhood always works for the advancement of science, art, philosophy or in any work to make this a better world.”
“Christ was a member of the Essenes who were in existence one hundred years before Christ, one hundred years during the time of Christ and one hundred years after Christ. Then they changed form and became the Knights Templar and then the Night Riders of France and Italy. You may recall that I mentioned the fact that secret brotherhoods have existed for over 300 years and here again we have reference to the numerological symbol. The whole purpose of these Brotherhoods was to fight injustice wherever they found it, even in their homes.”

“The Egyptian Freemasonry was actually meant to be for men, women and children, but this caused a great deal of difficulty with the other Masons, who wanted to eliminate the women and children and for a long time they did.”
“The Knights Templar are the occult [secretive] order of Masonry. Their plays are written with occult truths and costumes are made of the finest silks and broadcloth, trimmed with real ermine and sable….and here’s an interesting note …members of the Brotherhood are buried with three red roses in their hand…FDR was buried as such”

Of course these notes are in reference to the White Brotherhood which is spiritually motivated working within the metaphysical realm.

Confusion came about when the Aryan Brotherhood began acting out though as the KKK, and the concept of racial superiority was of course much more sinister than the other and all brotherhoods became suspect. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beware the Masons

I was researching these secret societies years ago and then last year by happenstance my attention was drawn back to the topic with the entrance of a new partner in my daughter’s life after her marriage fell apart. At first meeting we found him to be quite affable and were pleased with this new relationship. It was not until many months had passed that we learned he was a Mason but the topic did not come up in conversation. It was around the time of this disclosure that I happened across an article written by Mike Restivo, a demitted Canadian in Toronto, Canada. The headlines immediately caught my attention: 


The Secret Handshake, Secret Word, Secret High Sign, and the Secret Nature of Freemasonry

Hoodwinking, Heresy, and Satanic Mockery

The Devil's Party Illuminated”

'A Unique Form of Morality, Veiled in Allegory, and Illustrated by Symbols...'

IF this order is meant to do such good, why then the need for secrecy?  This is the question that seems to come up over and again.

In the following article the order is said to be the Antichrist, while claiming they are Christians. Simply put, a satanic cult.

The workings of all these secret organizations are indeed connected with the prophecies of 2012.

Here I will share the highlights of the article:

It is assuredly a behavioral programming cult comprised of dominants and submissive in a symbiotic relationship of mutual exploitation.”
It seeks to lull Christians into acceptance of Freemasonry's religious allusions as legitimate. They are not legitimate references, but deceptive pretences designed to seduce the naive. The latent meaning is that the order is the secret church of Jesus Christ.
This is a lie, but the naive are allowed to conclude this if they so wish..."

In a later brief discussion with our young lad, he is insistent that it is not a religious order and that he is himself an atheist.

More from the article:

“The sacred eye appears on our American dollar as a part of the Great Seal. The Great Seal was included on the one-dollar note in 1935 on suggestion of Vice President Henry A. Wallace. Both Wallace and President Roosevelt were Free Masons. Later, Wallace remembered,
Roosevelt, as he looked at the colored reproduction of the Seal, was first struck with the representation of the all-seeing eye—a Masonic representation of the Great Architect of the Universe. Next, he was impressed with the idea that the foundation for the new order of the ages had been laid in 1776 but that it would be completed only under the eye of the Great Architect. Roosevelt, like myself, was a 32nd Degree Mason. He suggested that the Seal be put on the dollar bill. Wallace was not only a Mason, but also particularly interested in Eastern Religions, and he regularly consulted an Indian Guru. His connections with the Russian-Indian artist and yogi Nicholas Roerich even threatened the presidential campaign in 1940..."

It will be shown beyond reasonable doubt that the initiations have been deliberately constructed to include direct and subtle references to the devil. Not one or two coincidental overlaps but so many obvious similarities, according to biblical text, that when viewed or presented together the notion of random coincidence does not apply. Why? What purpose would such a deceptive system of initiation serve? Why not? The reasons for the construction of such a system of initiation are also biblical. It is simply wicked, to lay snares for innocents without cause..."

Mr. Restivo goes on to disclose some of the underlying facts of his own past involvement in the organization:

You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons...and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him...It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations.

.”Masons claim to actually seek light/understanding and are lead into the darkness of moral corruption and ego-defence mechanisms. They are allowed to believe and speak nonsense under the auspices of the order by men, and the dominant masters must conceal the Truth from their submissives.”

“Freemasonry is a counterfeit salvation into self-absorption and delusion that seduces seekers from their faith, so they use as pretence and facade, the most gnostic of the Evangelists to hide the order's animus to the claims of religion, any religion. The mason is gradually seduced away from normative morality into a new age world of [new world order] of false morality in which the member withdraws from his former life's attachments and substitutes them with Freemasonry's false promises. The member becomes thusly increasingly dependent upon the order as a parental surrogate and authority figure until the member is so completely dependent upon the order that he will lie or commit criminal acts on its behalf, for he has nothing else in this world or the next to sustain him and dare not oppose the peer pressure of his fellow masons' retaliation.”

Restivo goes on to explain: “There are initiation fees and annual dues to be paid. The true cost is the de-individuation of one's personality by submission to the mob mind of the masonic cult. Instead of knowledge and liberty, the mason grows ignorant and bondaged within a guilded cage of degrees designed to dazzle the neurotic mind from realizing the process of debasement into which it has willing succumbed.”

And finally “Masonic propaganda through the internet is a deliberate means of deception, by evasion, deception and denial of the Truth. There is much that they need to keep secret, and much fraud that they need to perpetrate to lure in new members. It is not what they say, it is what they conceal that the public needs to know.” Any claim to liberty and justice made by the Craft are lies designed to dupe the ignorant. It is an elitist cult infested with dominants who lure and seduce morally weak individuals into dependence upon them as submissive masons.”

It is time to be frightened into wariness. ‘Wolves in sheep’s clothing’ seems an accurate description. As with any cult, members are playing games with people and feel themselves above the law in their ongoing search for power and wealth.

Personally there is enough evidence to convince me of the dark nature of these secret societies. OF course those involved will vehemently deny such accusations, as with our young lad. There is no point in trying to get the initiates and lower members to believe any of it. This does not mean they are right in defending the order; it simply means they are just na├»ve.  And that makes them dangerous as well.

This particular topic is one that I will be following in this project to monitor just how much ultimately contributes to the plan for a one-world government. To me this 2012 outcome seems the most plausible on a logical level of consciousness.

Consider this up-to date news article posted today:
The situation in Egypt is escalating. Speaking of brotherhoods…concerns in the west are growing in view of activities by the Muslim Brotherhood.
“The Muslim Brotherhood is powerful, and they have large numbers, so yes there is a worry," he says. "this revolution is not just opening the doors to the Brotherhood, but to all political actors. Many politicians are opposed to Egypt's president: "The Brotherhood is a scarecrow that the regime sets up to frighten westerners into accepting a proposed police state. Once power is evenly distributed, we will see that they don't have that much strength." Let the games begin

Friday, January 28, 2011

It's a secret: Skull and Bones

Bush's secrets

Brotherhoods of deception –secret societies There are many civic groups that indeed work for the betterment of All yet there are also many, many others that continue to be enshrouded in secrecy with less honorable goals. And that is the problem with the ‘brotherhood’ that is striving towards a global government because in order to accomplish that goal they must first oppress and control populations to be compliant.

According to the teachings of Agni Yogi they speak about a White Brotherhood, a group of masters and avatars that work together for the good of all mankind…in this case however they are talking about a metaphysical brotherhood. This must be differentiated from the Aryan Brotherhood and the KKK and as such we can realize that in all things there is a polarity between ‘good and evil’ and these earthly brotherhoods are typically oriented towards the physical/material world which are highly susceptible to subterfuge and the search for Power and Wealth. They twist the entire meaning of brotherhood wearing a surface camouflage of servitude to disguise their true purposes. There are many movies that have revealed the darker side of such brotherhoods.
In the 2000 film ‘The Skulls’ the plot was based upon some of the conspiracy theories surrounding Yale University's Skull and Bones student society:
It involves a college student with aspirations to eventually become a lawyer. He attends Yale along with his girlfriend and his best friend Will.. Luke's friendships hit the rocks when he is invited to join a secret society known as "The Skulls." After Luke passes the first part of the initiation process, he has a falling out with his girlfriend when she realizes that he has become a Skull.

As Luke becomes more immersed into the brotherhood, his friend has been conducting research on the Skulls for some time and together they discover the ‘Secret Room’. They are discovered and in the struggle to get away Will falls and is knocked unconscious, Luke is ordered to leave the room and the skulls manage to move the body and make it look like Will committed suicide in his dorm room. Thus begins the disclosure of the secretive rituals…and the plot thickens.

There are many civic groups that indeed work for the betterment of All yet there are also many, many others that continue to be enshrouded in secrecy with less honorable goals. And that is the problem with the ‘brotherhood’ that is striving towards a global government because in order to accomplish that goal they must first oppress and control populations to be compliant.

I still cannot fathom the reasons why an organization’s primary agenda is for POWER AND WEALTH. These are two goals that are highly susceptible to abuse and evil. Who would want to rule a world that is poisonous, polluted, stripped of resources and devastated? It seems to me that this would in fact be a totally empty victory.

It is important to understand what is really going on involving our politicians
and governments...Alex Jones knows all about...just google You Tube videos on the subject.Git yerself edumacated...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

War, secrets and reality

War…what is it good for…absolutely nothing!

Our generation was totally engaged in watching the daily fighting in Viet Nam via the invention of the television. We lived the war on a day to day basis and got close-up, in your face, visuals chronicling the carnage and destruction that was occurring. We also saw the unfolding events as the Gulf War got underway. That War ended with threat of releasing biological weapons. Again we were witness to the war in Iraq, a war that like Viet Nam was never really won. Today’s generation is not privy to the same degree of media coverage over Afghanistan, especially not in terms of seeing horror associated with death and killing. They get their input from Hollywood blockbusters these days and I think that is quite different.
These later generations are being systematically desensitized to what is occurring around the world especially since most investigative journalists these days are typically under the control of the government. The desensitizing program has been also been boosted by computer games.  
This serves to make the concepts of war and killing less threatening or real. We now have populations here in the west who are totally apathetic to the suffering of others and war seems almost like the norm…as long as it doesn’t get too close. And even seeing victims coming back from war in coffins seems to have little impact on today’s viewers. It is largely only the relatives of soldiers who are affected and in turn often their reactions are bizarre in that they continue to proclaim support for the troops. Why are they not more adamant in protesting against the continued murder of their loved ones? This all seems awfully strange to me.
After the war-to-end-all-wars we were promised that it would never happen again. More empty promises.
There will always be war on our planet in the attempt to balance between negative forces and positive ones. Yet never a balance seems to be met. Perhaps Alex Jones is right though when he claims that “there is a war on for your mind.” So while countries act on their impulse towards violence as a plan of the military-industrial complex, our biggest individual threat is to wake up one day to find ourselves in a ‘prison planet’ and indeed that would definitely qualify as a paradigm shift of reality for the collective. As such, I see this potential as more plausible than other cataclysmic potentialities.  This is why our consciousness needs to be accelerating so that we can reach higher for an awareness of what is really going on behind the scenes. The plan is definitely a sinister one.
 And what about all those survivalist groups? They are decidedly anti-government yet as things heat up it seems the movement is pretty much underground at this point. Sometimes I wonder why they are not already trying to rattle some cages.  Perhaps they must wait for the appointed time to rise up and begin a revolution. I’ve heard of many underground compounds being prepared for resistance against a new world order. What if 2012 will open the gates to this battle for our minds. We can only hope that the plan of the survivalists will be equal to stand up against the tyranny of a world government. What comes to mind to me sometimes is the question of who we should fear most – extraterrestrials, or those within our own ranks?  
I used to think that these groups were, well, just a little bit wacko, and perhaps even dangerous. What I think now is they probably have a realistic plan that may ultimately be justified. Often these groups were exposed in the media as being associated mostly with the Aryan Brotherhood and this had many people distrusting them and opposing them. I wondered why they were stockpiling weapons if they were merely preparing for some ecological disaster. I now understand. As I write this I am listening to Pat Benatar who sings a significant message:
“We can’t afford to be innocent; we must stand up and face the enemy…
It’s a do or die situation…we must be invincible.”
How fitting is that?
Do not worry…these incidents of synchronicity have become a daily part of my existence! On a personal note my writings are keeping me from doing other things that I might otherwise be doing, however my muse has reawakened of late and once she gets going I have to pay attention to this conscious processing.
Of late I have been watching a series of informative documentaries especially concerned with the topic of secret societies that seem to be increasing in power. It all began when I watched the TV series called ‘Pillars of the Earth’. Prior to this I had paid little attention to such conspiracy theories.My conscious mind did not wish to dwell too much on conspiracies; I did not want to appear to be paranoid.
That was over a year ago, and the topic has continued to haunt me ever since. My attention was later peaked by a personal experience which I will explain later…yet another synchronistic event. I also used to think that the term Brotherhood was a simplistic yet rather idealistic concept suggesting a unification of groups in support of doing service to humanity. I have since learned that the ideal, like all things, embraces both positive and negative implications. I know now of the danger of being so simplistic, having learned about age old organizations such as The Skull and Bones, the Bildeberg group and the Masons which have been setting the parameters of this plan for a new world order going back as far as three hundred years or longer. Who knew? And I recognize the spread of these secretive organizations which almost seems to be now mustering greater power as we approach 2012.
 Their members include presidents, politicians, judges, lawyers, as well as the police and all manner of other chosen individuals. They are the well-to-do, socially connected and wealthy who are the builders of a new foundation related to this world government. Heaven help us if there is only a pinch of truth about these power-mongers. That is what it is all about…power, as designed by Pluto in the heavens.
I intend to write more about that topic soon…for now I have another example of our ongoing shifts in consciousness:
I am suddenly informed that there is to be a small wedding ceremony in the place I was living, and my mother in law was hosting the event. I had not known about this and was caught in a bit of a predicament as to what to wear for the occasion. This was a mature couple, so many of the guests were on the older side. My mother in law was busy preparing a buffet but my main concern was what to wear. The wedding party arrived a little ahead of schedule and the party got underway. There was a cement patio that was all decorated and lit up outside and I found myself quite impressed watching these older people dancing as couples…they were very good. My own parents were in their 50’s and loved to go to the dance halls when they could. I seemed to be alone among all these elders and was acting as the photographer for the event. Aside from my initial anxiety I got into the groove of watching them having so much fun…but then…
Suddenly the event is gone. There are no more dancers and no food to enjoy and I am back to my normal routine, realizing that it was just a dream. I realize that this was a simple example of a paradigm shift and this is quite a revelation that I had not connected to previously. It demonstrates how reality can change in a instant. While we dream we are actually experiencing another dimension which is being orchestrated by the subconscious. Is this something we should really fear?
Still there is the question of which is actually the reality…the dream or the awake state?  On that the lines are starting to blur for me for I dream vigorously and have done so throughout my life…the difference for me is that I have a greater degree of recall, especially when a dream is attempting to teach me something. I have my own understanding of the dream world although in my own experience these so-called dictionaries of dream symbolism is often way off the mark.                                                                                                                               
For instance – my dream about the snake in my house. The ‘experts’ suggest
Snakes have been a fear in dreams for quite some time. The ancient Egyptians used to make snakes out of clay and place them at the doors of their homes to frighten away nightmares, believing that snakes were bringers of bad dreams and that the clay snake would keep real ones away. One dream interpreter  reports that snakes signify some hidden threat. This makes sense, as most of us fear the “snake in the grass.” Like most other symbols, though, this one has many meanings that depend on context. Snakes shed their skin, so they may signify renewal and transformation. This may be a frightening experience, as most people are uncomfortable with change, or it may be very positive.”
This is a highly obscure and indistinct interpretation as there is always the prospect of it being one or the other. Which is it? As Jung suggested symbols represent archetypes and I believe that symbols are more often significant to the individual’s experience; in other words symbolism is highly individualistic.
While in the dream I was indeed frightened by this huge poisonous snake, as to be expected yet I later realized that in my reality, the symbol of the snake [serpent] holds deeper meanings relating to both healing and consciousness. It involves my personal connection to the Great Creator and a reminder of the misinterpretation of the serpent in the garden of Eden. It also relates to the coiled serpent in the kundalini and the chakra energy that is released as we undergo the process of awakening.  In this particular dream the creature was avoiding being caught and seemed to have the ability to disappear in an instant despite its size. The underlying theme suggested that my conscious understandings are sometimes elusive.
Perhaps this is the same process that occurs at death: we simply just suddenly awaken to a new dimension of reality.
coming soon:

Brotherhoods of deception –secret societies
Why do we fear death?
Symbolism and synchronicity

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Accelerating frequencies and paradigm shifts.

“Planetary vibrational frequencies are accelerating exponentially, allowing souls to peer into other realms far more easily than in the past. Frequency will continue to rise until consciousness evolves out of the physical in the next few years” which is targeted for the year 2012.
Many fear the prophecy of the Mayans as being catastrophic and cataclysmic. They keep themselves distracted by maintaining a deep focus on the concerns of the physical/material realm so as not to contemplate the unthinkable. Others say it is all just another false claim that has no basis in reality. Many say ‘Why now? I say Why not?
From a metaphysical perspective those who have become awakened will be the most receptive to whatever changes may come. Perhaps the sleepwalkers will continue to ‘sleep’ through this period as well, being unaware of what is happening. Perhaps the process will involve a culling of mankind, where only the ones awakened will experience the change. Whether it is a Higher Source we connect to, or simply our own Spirit, we are apt to go through something akin to an immersion into otherworldly realms: a transformation so to speak or perhaps a resurrection.
Collectively we are all involved in creating this reality which has become so aberrant, negative and destructive although most do not understand or recognize the Universal Laws that truly govern us, such as the basic Law of Cause and Effect, as well as the Laws of Right relationship, Balance and Unity. They cannot fathom that as creative beings we do manifest what is in our minds and souls on the physical level.  They do not see the connection. Instead they focus only on the Laws of Man.
The earth is over-populated to the max, with birth rates continuing to rise and resources quickly being depleted. We have known about the Global Climate Crisis for decades, but little has been done to interrupt the rapid decline of earth’s resources which must inevitably come to an end. Empires and whole civilizations have collapsed in the past as a result of greed instead of humanity.
With such greed being the force behind the lawmakers, politicians, judges who seek to decide our fates for us we have reached a definite point of no-return. There is no turning back from the industrial-military complex that has led to such an imbalance on earth. The other factor is that so many people have lost their connection to their own divinity; as such for many persons living today there is no purpose or meaning in this thing called life. To them self destruction is often a more viable option.
The ongoing earth changes are part of the prophecies about what is to come as well and I see these as metaphors for Gaia’s [mother earth] resistance to mankinds insults and abuses. She protests against us with earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and increasing weather disasters.
We can readily see that the weather patterns are shifting and becoming ever more unpredictable. Last summer was declared the hottest ever recorded and people  were dying from heat exhaustion. Now we are inundated with massive flooding all over the world and deep cold in other places. Prophets say it will only get worse and we will ultimately experience geographical changes of great magnitude as part of the new awakening. Others suggest there will be a shift of the magnetic poles causing the earth’s axis to shift as well. It would be hard to determine what effects these things might have for mankind.
What if our Sun was sucked into a wormhole, which may well be what the galactic center is? We could not survive without the sun providing our fuel for living? Or perhaps the galactic center is a portal to a time tunnel. Such considerations require much more consideration as they would involve highly complex understandings. I leave that work to the scientists.
Some suggest that maybe humans would be transported to other dimensions as part of the Awakening. This is part of why we are actively opening ourselves to a Higher consciousness so as to align our personal frequencies with those of higher vibrations and thus be transported to different realities. Or perhaps we will be transported by the aliens to other planets. Many have claimed that we are heading towards a major Paradigm Shift of reality. What exactly does that mean?
I have been considering this subject for some time now trying to understand how that could happen. I have believed that this would be some ominous event that is almost beyond the imagination to comprehend. We each have a variable concept of personal reality, as I learned many years ago through Seth. Our concept of reality is also related to a specific time line and if we were not connected to that concept reality would be quite different. It is time that keeps us believing that we are moving forward in a specific order. But, what if there was no time line?  We might experience multi-dimensional events happening all simultaneously; perhaps we could move backward or forward or sideways at whim. Seth talked about Parallel Universes long before quantum physics was being studied in the mainstream.
So what is a paradigm shift? Think of it as a pattern or a grid of reality that suddenly changes. The Matrix offered us a glimpse of what that would entail. Jonathon Livingstone Seagull experienced such a thing when he suddenly transported and awoke in a whole new reality, and then being advised that he had ascended. The movies have provided us with a number of different glimpses of what that would be like: consider What Dreams May Come and Defending Your Life. In the latter, the theme was kept along the lines of acceptable limits in terms of portraying the Judgment day as portrayed in the book of revelations; nonetheless it was an entertaining movie. In both cases, the individual did not even realize they were actually dead and had no memory of how the process had taken place; almost instantaneously they found themselves in a whole new reality. The popularity of near-death experiences that have been reported suggest a common theme of being in a tunnel and moving towards the light during the process of crossing over. This suggests to me that it could symbolize a time tunnel after all.  These are all examples of significant paradigm shifts.TIME
In considering a world-wide paradigm shift the concept is unnerving at the least, if not frightening. Gradually however I have come to a new understanding as a truth that has been revealed to me about this concept. I realize now that humans are frequently prone to paradigm shifts on a personal level, typically as a result of major shock or crisis thanks to Pluto. I recall the incidents of my parents death and how each separate instance affected me.
My mother went first suffering from congestive heart disease. I was barely 30 at the time yet I still remember the impact very vividly even though that was over 25 years ago. We were called to the hospital on the morning that her life was ebbing and witnessed this most stressful event. After sitting by her side while she was comatose, I took a small break, allowing my siblings to say their good byes. And then when I returned she had already passed. For days afterwards my family and I were in a deep shock which was very disorienting and in recollection I realize that this was an example of what a paradigm shift is like. All of a sudden my whole world changed. I had previously experienced the same thing after my marriage dissolved. And then 4 years later, my dad passed away in similar fashion from cancer and I re-experienced yet another shift of my personal reality shift.
 As we undergo such changes the primary feeling is one of disorientation and disassociation as we struggle to absorb the shock. We become like automatons which was even more difficult for me trying to maintain my balance as a single mom of two young daughters at the same time. How much more magnitude will an overall paradigm shift associated with 2012 create? Still the truth revealed to me assists me in keeping things in perspective and focusing on the potential for more hopeful changes when the Awakening occurs rather than focusing on the negative.
The worst thing we can do is panic and be anxious about potential outcomes. From a metaphysical level ‘the seeds of the present become our future outcomes.’ As we think, so we are. When we project negativity externally it comes back to us in similar form- as we sow, so shall we reap. Again this is merely the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.  This is why I promote the necessity of awakening from the illusion that represents our current reality and striving to be more mindful and reaching for higher awareness as our frequencies become tweaked. I believe this to be a significant part of preparing for whatever comes our way. This is what keeps me on my personal path of spiritual awakening and reconnection with the divine. Ultimately we must awaken from the dream and realize that death is not an end it is the return to innocence. Why do we fear death so much? Perhaps I will write more about that.
Lyrics-Waiting for the Moon-Bruce Cockburn…might be a party might be a war…whatever’s coming there’s no place else to go.
A good friend of mine offers this in regards to 2012 advising us to…

Stop worrying and start working toward a more enlightened and conscious way of being. In these times we are called on to speak truth, act with compassion, and trust our higher instincts. Our acts of genuine love and care, for each other and the world, are ultimately cataclysmic to the culture of selfishness and greed, and revolutionary to those of us who wish to live more sustainabley, in harmony, and closer to the earth.
 love, Danielle aka MoonCat  

Upcoming topics: raising your frequency;
Could the consciousness transcend death -
Secret societies…beware the freemasons;
 the danger of the plan for world domination:
is reincarnation plausible

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are Aliens our worst enemy?

January 25, 2011

which would you prefer?

Another crop circle was discovered overnight in a secluded area in Indonesia. My question: there appears to be a dwelling on the property next door; how is it that no one saw anything? Do the aliens have the power to hypnotize any humans close to the scene?

Well we have been inundated with stories of alien visitation since Roswell.Subsequent media releases were convincing enough for many to believe that the specimen recovered  was indeed an alien, while the government claimed it was all just a hoax or natural event- weather balloon? I don’t believe that.

Numerous books have been written on the topic since Roswell suggesting extraterrestrial activity, notably by the author Whitney Streiber. The movie Close Encounters had more of us believing in the possibility of the event being real.

Now we have the television series ‘V’ entertaining us with the same story line. Other more obscure investigations claim that visitations have been witnessed since earliest of times including cave drawings found in archaeological digs and even within the Great Pyramids. The net is full of accounts about UFO sightings which have also been monitored by various government bodies, including the military.

I tend to believe that in every fantasy or theory there is some grain of truth. And I believe that aliens have been among us for many years: I am convinced that some people I have encountered have indeed been ‘aliens’.

I have had one UFO sighting in the past myself which was convincing enough for me and I also consider the numbers of people who go missing without a trace.

What I saw was actually in the middle of the day and as such I saw no blinking lights.It was unusual in that it seemed to be shimmering as it remained stationary for only a couple of seconds. It was also quite low hovering against a mountainous backdrop.In truth it did look like a stealth bomber being entirely black against the sunny background, yet it is still suspicious because it appeared in a most unexpected place in a small rural community.  What would they be doing here?

Unfortunately none of my friends had the chance to see what I saw because it was gone in an instant. I will add though that since that time the background mountain has undergone severe excavation at an alarming rate of destruction of the original forest. It is a very
ominous looking bald spot on an otherwise forested mountain. Further, the place seems unreachable by car, while we have frequent sightings of helicopter activity around the place,sometimes even black helicopters flying to and fro. The rock that has been dug out is transported by water on huge shipping barges in the river below us.

The general consensus suggests it is merely a forestry operation; some say they are actually mining diamonds there. To me it is much more sinister than that. Consider also that not far away from the dig site, there is an obscure military ‘communications station’ lit up at night with two towering antennas and access is prohibited.

Thus we have unexplained crop circles, disappearing people, UFO sightings and what about all those animal mutilations over the years? Are these just the workings of satanic cults?

I remember a documentary that was televised a few years before the millennium called ‘Disclosure’ that was supposed to reveal the truth about Roswell but after only a couple of airings the program was suppressed by the powers that be. That was a bit of a wake-up call as well. Even to this day Roswell is shrouded in secrets and mystery. The thinking mind asks: if it is so innocent why the need for secrecy?

Many investigators have tried to get to the bottom of what is going on there, but still we have no substantial conclusions about it’s exact activities. Could be an underground bunker…could be about engineering more advanced aircraft as yet not revealed to the public…could be a bio-engineering lab dealing with clones or with biological weapons. The production of weaponized viruses and bacteria can not be discounted either…could this be the earth beacon for the alien headquarters?

…did you know that our governments [the U.S and Canada] have experimented with such biotoxins by releasing them into civilian populations? a practice that has been ongoing since
the last world war…do the research for yourself and you will be very surprised as well as shocked.

Years ago I read many different works of Donald W.Scott who was able to uncover government documents
through the freedom of information act. He was interviewed in a radio program on Dec 19th 1999 about the ‘Role of bioengineering in CFS, GWS & AIDS’. When unexplained infections of Chronic Fatigue seemed to be popping up in the States many years ago, the medical profession was stumped in finding the original cause of the
disease… yet government sealed documents said the following: 
“Brucellosis was a disease known for thousands of years actually, but in 1942 Canada, the United States and Great Britain entered into a secret agreement to take the brucellosis bacteria and make it more contagious and more virulent and to weaponize it, make it such that it would do serious damage to an enemy and they came up with a variant which they had tested in a number of places in Canada, the United States and Britain as well as other countries and they had indeed weaponized brucellosis.

“when Iraq was at war with Iran, and Iraq wanted biological weapons to use against Iran who was winning that war, the United States shipped a supply of brucella melitensis bio type I and bio type III from the American type culture collection in Rockville, Maryland. They shipped that to Iraq and said, here you go, let this stuff out over Iran, it won't kill all the civilians that you're targeting, but it will produce a disease known as chronic fatigue as well as several other serious symptoms. So, in the Riegle report, lo and behold, that our research was confirmed. Brucella melitensis was shipped to Iraq from the United States and that evidence is found on page 41 of the Riegle report.

It's labeled as a class 3 pathogen which means it's disabling but not deadly.The people in the intelligence branch knew immediately from the 14,000 biological alarms that went off all up and down the front that they were being hit by brucella melitensis and they knew that thousands of veterans in the Desert Storm would become ill with Gulf War Illness. However, they also knew something else. They knew that back in 1985 and on other dates, the United States had not only provided brucella melitensis to the Iraqis, they had also provided anthrax. There were several shipments of anthrax to Iraq for use against Iran and the allied intelligence forces knew that when this melitensis attack occurred, the next volley of scuds would be armed with anthrax unless Desert Storm stopped dead in it's tracks, and George Bush new this.”

In the same article it was stated that ‘people who know the migrating patterns of birds can infect that particular type of bird and release it in such an area that they know its migratory pattern would be over a selected country.’ This comes to mind in the recent ‘mysterious’ incidents of birds falling in great numbers from the sky. In the most recent incident the department of agriculture has admitted releasing poisons to mitigate a problem from birds by farmers. Still the other incidents are continuing to  be classed as having been caused by ‘fireworks’ at new years which shocked and then killed the birds’. Say what? It if were from fireworks why only specifically this year?  

How easily the sheeple can be manipulated through the media. Something very fishy is going on proving yet another example of how the government seeks to control populations through falsified media reporting. Where have all the true investigative journalists gone? When I read the reports being circulated I was immediately alert to the concept that these deaths of birds were type specific: red-winged blackbirds in one area, starlings in another. That aroused my curiosity right away.

Getting back to the aliens…most of our legends and stories make these beings typically threatening and violent. I prefer to think of them as important light-beings as depicted in the movie Mission to Mars…with a mission to save our species from extinction.
…we are all made of stars. If they come to do ill will, then there is probably little we can do to protect ourselves against them.

On the other hand we may have more to fear from our own governments working towards a New World Order of domination and suppression.

Do you see?…our civilizations have been woven from the fabric of lies, distortions, secrets and the desperate need for Power.

We have been whitewashed with a veil of falsification, denial, untruths and ignorance. The truth about John F.Kennedy has never been revealed. Roswell remains a complete mystery. We have been kept hidden from the truths about surging health problems at the hands of our own governments. War has been pushed into our face as ‘necessity’. Then there was the Watergate scandal…the drug and weapons trades are continuously assisted by our own governments…who remembers the revolt of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua?…the War in Viet Nam?…the Gulf War? All have been instigated as part of the bigger plan of creating a New World Power and I do believe this is coming quicker than we think. We have brainwashed to believe that the governments exist ‘for the people’ which they are not.

Then there are the mega-disaster movies to keep us in fear…the same with the terrorist activities, also being supported by the West. There is much to be concerned about in these days of fighting for righteousness and freedom, as sequentially our human rights are being stripped away from us.

I have been a long term researcher on this issue of SECRET SOCIETIES; recently viewing a new documentary explaining the history of the movement. It actually dates back to 1700 or perhaps earlier and reports would suggest that the forces are mustering up a towards a greater and more widespread surge in the near future. This may well be a big part of the prophecy of 2012. 

Such secret societies include
The Freemasons
The Bildeberg Group
Skulls and Bones
The Illuminati
…which gained a lot of exposure through the movie Davinci’s code.

What horrible stories are being revealed about these organizations finally…My over-riding question is why they have to keep major secrets from the public if they are all just innocent groups…

I am reminded of the quote stating ‘I may be paranoid but am I paranoid enough!’ Perhaps the schizophrenics know no more than we do.

Perhaps I will write later about my close encounter with the Freemasons over the past year. For now I have no absolute conclusions about aliens and invasions by extra-terrestrials yet
I seem to sense that that scenario could be much less intrusive than the conspiracies of world governments now in operation. Consider that if we encounter the reality of living under Police
States this would be comparable to the Holocaust that we have been told would never happen again. Vague promises at the least. Alex Jones insists that there is ‘a war on for your mind.’

A wealth of comprehensive information and reporting is available in this website including many clips and videos about these secret societies and government
cover-ups. Don’t take my word for it…see the evidence.

And perhaps the last true ‘undiscovered country’ is within our own minds