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dreams and transcendence

Blog entry---January 16 2011

WARNING:  some people may find this weblog to be too ‘profound’. A long time friend of mine recently told me that I am just that…see doesn’t understand my need for digging into the depths of my own psyche and suggests that some people are turned off because of my intensity. I say ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’. My soul yearns for understanding and meaning as fuelled by having a dominant Pluto in my birth chart and the energy of Scorpio also emphasized.

Today my mind is ablaze but certain technical challenges have kept me from progressing as quickly as I would like.
With the Moon in Cancer I have tended to ignore my normal domestic duties in trying to launch this project.
I must pause for a slight respite:

I should be defrosting the fridge but I would rather think about dreams and transcendence. It has been many years since I read this book by Richard Bach when it first came out. The soundtrack for the movie has been my inspiration during many a difficult time.

We dream… we dream… we dream
While we wait… we dream

Jonathan taught me about perspective and inspiration, as from a bird’s eye view, re: “The gull that flies highest sees farthest.”
What is your aptitude for dream recall? Many people insist that they never dream but in truth they just don’t remember their personal dream time. Once I learned about lucid dreaming my recall increased dramatically and at times I can even recall scenarios from dreams in the past. For many years I kept a diary of my dreams which filled up volumes of interpretations and analysis. Many of my dreams have been prophetic which also contributed to my awareness that there is a purpose behind our dreams. Some refuse to admit that dreams are significant, citing that they are just a way for the subconscious to unload a bunch of garbage. I totally disagree. What I have learned is that those books about dream interpretation are a very vague representation of the facts because the meaning of symbols involved are a very personal matter.

As an example the night before my father passed I dreamed of a terrible storm that had felled a giant oak tree and the dream was significantly charged emotionally …the next morning on my way to work I saw a transfer ambulance and somehow I made a conscious connection without understanding it fully. During the day though I felt ill at ease and after my shift ended I received the call that Dad had taken a serious fall and had been transported to an extended care facility. There was a terrible feeling of dread as I hurried up to the hospital. Dad was dozing when I first arrived but he had a few moments of clarity while I was there, but had fallen asleep again before I left. Before I slept I said a prayer telling him it was alright to go if he was ready. He had given a DNR order for which some of my siblings were disagreeable about but I was aware of his wish.  At 4:30 a.m I got the call that he had passed. I knew as soon as the phone rang that this would probably be my last call about Dad. Only then was I able to make the connection between the falling oak tree and the ambulance.

I have had numerous other such dreams which always give me to pause to give my head a shake. I think that often such precognitive dreams are for the purpose of preparing the consciousness for some new reality unfolding. I believe this has to do with the concept that our dream experience do actually exist in a different dimension. What is the dream and what is the so-called reality? Are we the dream or the dreamer? What if our reality is but an illusion?

Man is the dream of the dolphin as proclaimed in an album created by the group Enigma. This a future topic for this blog which offers a different version of Genesis, as written in the works of the Children of Mu. What if?

Dreams of flying are generally a fascinating experience because it seems so real that you can feel the exhilaration and wonder of being able to travel so far on a wing and a prayer. In my world these dreams are symbolic of the power we have within to transcend the bondage of our physical body; to rise above our difficulties and challenges if only we could see the bigger picture. They represent an indication that the spirit is embarking on a new journey of awareness and enlightenment.

This brings us full circle back to the topic of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull for the lessons taught therein are of great import to those of us who are seekers in this life. He taught us about being isolated from the ‘flock’ and being chastised for even attempting to break free from the limits of the flock’s social conditioning. Still he did not give up trying to learn how to fly higher than the other gulls and in the end he was vindicated through death and transcendence to a new level of being. This is still relevant in our culture and why people still fear it so much.

Yet as Jesus said ‘to conquer death you only have to die’. At the time they thought he was nuts!

I talked with my own father in a couple of intimate conversations before his death. With me at least he didn’t have to sugar-coat anything and he told me that he believed he was going to have an extended vacation on a sunny beach somewhere. “Nothing to fear at all.” He said.

Why do we so fear death when in the lyrics of another song by Enigma it is suggested that death is not an ending, it is but a Return to Innocence.

is there anything beyond this physical manifestation?
We have forgotten about transcendence. .. while we wait….we dream.

Next I plan to blog about the Hierarchy of the Soul and touch on the revised version of Genesis.
Til then may peace be with you.

---end transmission---

Is there anybody out there?

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