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Are Aliens our worst enemy?

January 25, 2011

which would you prefer?

Another crop circle was discovered overnight in a secluded area in Indonesia. My question: there appears to be a dwelling on the property next door; how is it that no one saw anything? Do the aliens have the power to hypnotize any humans close to the scene?

Well we have been inundated with stories of alien visitation since Roswell.Subsequent media releases were convincing enough for many to believe that the specimen recovered  was indeed an alien, while the government claimed it was all just a hoax or natural event- weather balloon? I don’t believe that.

Numerous books have been written on the topic since Roswell suggesting extraterrestrial activity, notably by the author Whitney Streiber. The movie Close Encounters had more of us believing in the possibility of the event being real.

Now we have the television series ‘V’ entertaining us with the same story line. Other more obscure investigations claim that visitations have been witnessed since earliest of times including cave drawings found in archaeological digs and even within the Great Pyramids. The net is full of accounts about UFO sightings which have also been monitored by various government bodies, including the military.

I tend to believe that in every fantasy or theory there is some grain of truth. And I believe that aliens have been among us for many years: I am convinced that some people I have encountered have indeed been ‘aliens’.

I have had one UFO sighting in the past myself which was convincing enough for me and I also consider the numbers of people who go missing without a trace.

What I saw was actually in the middle of the day and as such I saw no blinking lights.It was unusual in that it seemed to be shimmering as it remained stationary for only a couple of seconds. It was also quite low hovering against a mountainous backdrop.In truth it did look like a stealth bomber being entirely black against the sunny background, yet it is still suspicious because it appeared in a most unexpected place in a small rural community.  What would they be doing here?

Unfortunately none of my friends had the chance to see what I saw because it was gone in an instant. I will add though that since that time the background mountain has undergone severe excavation at an alarming rate of destruction of the original forest. It is a very
ominous looking bald spot on an otherwise forested mountain. Further, the place seems unreachable by car, while we have frequent sightings of helicopter activity around the place,sometimes even black helicopters flying to and fro. The rock that has been dug out is transported by water on huge shipping barges in the river below us.

The general consensus suggests it is merely a forestry operation; some say they are actually mining diamonds there. To me it is much more sinister than that. Consider also that not far away from the dig site, there is an obscure military ‘communications station’ lit up at night with two towering antennas and access is prohibited.

Thus we have unexplained crop circles, disappearing people, UFO sightings and what about all those animal mutilations over the years? Are these just the workings of satanic cults?

I remember a documentary that was televised a few years before the millennium called ‘Disclosure’ that was supposed to reveal the truth about Roswell but after only a couple of airings the program was suppressed by the powers that be. That was a bit of a wake-up call as well. Even to this day Roswell is shrouded in secrets and mystery. The thinking mind asks: if it is so innocent why the need for secrecy?

Many investigators have tried to get to the bottom of what is going on there, but still we have no substantial conclusions about it’s exact activities. Could be an underground bunker…could be about engineering more advanced aircraft as yet not revealed to the public…could be a bio-engineering lab dealing with clones or with biological weapons. The production of weaponized viruses and bacteria can not be discounted either…could this be the earth beacon for the alien headquarters?

…did you know that our governments [the U.S and Canada] have experimented with such biotoxins by releasing them into civilian populations? a practice that has been ongoing since
the last world war…do the research for yourself and you will be very surprised as well as shocked.

Years ago I read many different works of Donald W.Scott who was able to uncover government documents
through the freedom of information act. He was interviewed in a radio program on Dec 19th 1999 about the ‘Role of bioengineering in CFS, GWS & AIDS’. When unexplained infections of Chronic Fatigue seemed to be popping up in the States many years ago, the medical profession was stumped in finding the original cause of the
disease… yet government sealed documents said the following: 
“Brucellosis was a disease known for thousands of years actually, but in 1942 Canada, the United States and Great Britain entered into a secret agreement to take the brucellosis bacteria and make it more contagious and more virulent and to weaponize it, make it such that it would do serious damage to an enemy and they came up with a variant which they had tested in a number of places in Canada, the United States and Britain as well as other countries and they had indeed weaponized brucellosis.

“when Iraq was at war with Iran, and Iraq wanted biological weapons to use against Iran who was winning that war, the United States shipped a supply of brucella melitensis bio type I and bio type III from the American type culture collection in Rockville, Maryland. They shipped that to Iraq and said, here you go, let this stuff out over Iran, it won't kill all the civilians that you're targeting, but it will produce a disease known as chronic fatigue as well as several other serious symptoms. So, in the Riegle report, lo and behold, that our research was confirmed. Brucella melitensis was shipped to Iraq from the United States and that evidence is found on page 41 of the Riegle report.

It's labeled as a class 3 pathogen which means it's disabling but not deadly.The people in the intelligence branch knew immediately from the 14,000 biological alarms that went off all up and down the front that they were being hit by brucella melitensis and they knew that thousands of veterans in the Desert Storm would become ill with Gulf War Illness. However, they also knew something else. They knew that back in 1985 and on other dates, the United States had not only provided brucella melitensis to the Iraqis, they had also provided anthrax. There were several shipments of anthrax to Iraq for use against Iran and the allied intelligence forces knew that when this melitensis attack occurred, the next volley of scuds would be armed with anthrax unless Desert Storm stopped dead in it's tracks, and George Bush new this.”

In the same article it was stated that ‘people who know the migrating patterns of birds can infect that particular type of bird and release it in such an area that they know its migratory pattern would be over a selected country.’ This comes to mind in the recent ‘mysterious’ incidents of birds falling in great numbers from the sky. In the most recent incident the department of agriculture has admitted releasing poisons to mitigate a problem from birds by farmers. Still the other incidents are continuing to  be classed as having been caused by ‘fireworks’ at new years which shocked and then killed the birds’. Say what? It if were from fireworks why only specifically this year?  

How easily the sheeple can be manipulated through the media. Something very fishy is going on proving yet another example of how the government seeks to control populations through falsified media reporting. Where have all the true investigative journalists gone? When I read the reports being circulated I was immediately alert to the concept that these deaths of birds were type specific: red-winged blackbirds in one area, starlings in another. That aroused my curiosity right away.

Getting back to the aliens…most of our legends and stories make these beings typically threatening and violent. I prefer to think of them as important light-beings as depicted in the movie Mission to Mars…with a mission to save our species from extinction.
…we are all made of stars. If they come to do ill will, then there is probably little we can do to protect ourselves against them.

On the other hand we may have more to fear from our own governments working towards a New World Order of domination and suppression.

Do you see?…our civilizations have been woven from the fabric of lies, distortions, secrets and the desperate need for Power.

We have been whitewashed with a veil of falsification, denial, untruths and ignorance. The truth about John F.Kennedy has never been revealed. Roswell remains a complete mystery. We have been kept hidden from the truths about surging health problems at the hands of our own governments. War has been pushed into our face as ‘necessity’. Then there was the Watergate scandal…the drug and weapons trades are continuously assisted by our own governments…who remembers the revolt of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua?…the War in Viet Nam?…the Gulf War? All have been instigated as part of the bigger plan of creating a New World Power and I do believe this is coming quicker than we think. We have brainwashed to believe that the governments exist ‘for the people’ which they are not.

Then there are the mega-disaster movies to keep us in fear…the same with the terrorist activities, also being supported by the West. There is much to be concerned about in these days of fighting for righteousness and freedom, as sequentially our human rights are being stripped away from us.

I have been a long term researcher on this issue of SECRET SOCIETIES; recently viewing a new documentary explaining the history of the movement. It actually dates back to 1700 or perhaps earlier and reports would suggest that the forces are mustering up a towards a greater and more widespread surge in the near future. This may well be a big part of the prophecy of 2012. 

Such secret societies include
The Freemasons
The Bildeberg Group
Skulls and Bones
The Illuminati
…which gained a lot of exposure through the movie Davinci’s code.

What horrible stories are being revealed about these organizations finally…My over-riding question is why they have to keep major secrets from the public if they are all just innocent groups…

I am reminded of the quote stating ‘I may be paranoid but am I paranoid enough!’ Perhaps the schizophrenics know no more than we do.

Perhaps I will write later about my close encounter with the Freemasons over the past year. For now I have no absolute conclusions about aliens and invasions by extra-terrestrials yet
I seem to sense that that scenario could be much less intrusive than the conspiracies of world governments now in operation. Consider that if we encounter the reality of living under Police
States this would be comparable to the Holocaust that we have been told would never happen again. Vague promises at the least. Alex Jones insists that there is ‘a war on for your mind.’

A wealth of comprehensive information and reporting is available in this website including many clips and videos about these secret societies and government
cover-ups. Don’t take my word for it…see the evidence.

And perhaps the last true ‘undiscovered country’ is within our own minds

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