Friday, January 14, 2011

The world of the Material is but an ILLUSION, which is the meaning of the word MAYA. I like to envision a world where all these people who seek to dominate and control us would be replaced by higher visionaries more concerned with serving and caring for the greater good of all, rather than merely the self. Were that to happen the world would be much different for us all.

Nonetheless it is my understanding that this is in fact not the plan of our earthly existence anyway. We are here to love and to create as well as to learn for the purpose of our soul’s evolution, not merely for ego gratification. What we need to learn is that there are higher levels of reality beyond the physical that are more spiritual in nature.

Those of us involved in the art of astrology can easily see that the planetary energies are building towards a peak of pressure and influence occurring as we speak. We need only to look at the cyclical nature of energies ebbing and flowing as depicted in the cosmic encoding of the stars. and this is what the Mayans used as their reference.

The planets involved are Pluto and Neptune, and configurations between this duo symbolizes significant turning points which have similarly occurred in history. Here is what one author offers:

*Palden Jenkins: Astrological Cycles in History

The movements of Pluto, in history, seem to chart the actual mechanics of fundamental factual change. Pluto's keyword, 'transformation', has 'form' in the middle of it.

The movements of
Neptune chart evolving social imagery and perceptual constructs - ideas, beliefs and contexts of understanding. When event-fundamentals and beliefs-perceptions interact, we get the basic undertow of history and its themes. Thus, in Neptune-Pluto cycles, we see a basic driving-force which moves and drives historic tendencies and trends.”
These two planets are highly active through to 2o12 and beyond.

Pluto is about power and energy that serves to fuel the planetary evolution process. The energy tends to bring about collosal upheavals that are necessary for transformation and renewal. Under this influence on the personal level we often experience crisis and blockage. Neptune on the other hand serves to deceive us by shielding the true reality with illusion. 

The awakened consciousness realizes that continuity and unity are important keys for the Spirit’s needs. It is also recognized that while the body dies, the consciousness carried within the spirit continues on.

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