Monday, January 31, 2011

2012 options

January 31, 2011
Pick your poison..

I ask what would you fear most if we were to experience the ‘end of time’?

Let’s look at the options:

1)Extra-terrestrial occupation. Would we be their prey? This option could present a scenario like ‘V’; on the other hand it could mean major evolutionary progression for humanity. I personally prefer to think that the aliens would be ‘Light Beings’ here to help us ascend to higher dimensions.Would they come to save us or destroy us? Would they transport us through time?

I recall a dream of many years ago where I was traveling into space in a very small space
craft that was self-controlled; it was more like a container…and I was alone simply sitting cross-legged on a mat; the light level was low; I just sat looking
at the space all around me and felt both thrill and awe…

2) Colossal earth changes: tsunami, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, floods,etc…could that possibly be global or only in certain locations? Would it be survivable?How much suffering would any survivors endure? This would probably lead to wide-spread disease outbreaks, hunger, and massive deaths.

3)  Space impact…comet, meteor…Extinction Level Events. Personally I would rather be killed immediately than survive the after-effects only to struggle for

4) Economic collapse…a leveling of the playing field in the material realm…greater balance between the classes, however many would not be able to cope with having all their material acquisitions being lost.

Consider the already high numbers of homeless and people living in poverty/squalid conditions.
We try to regularly support one individual we know rather than contributing to anonymous
charities, for they are after all, another form of organization. What if such people are in training for extreme survival mode already…perhaps they are the
ultimate pioneers of a new age because they have already learned about resourcefulness and
adaptability. How would you fare in such severe circumstances?

There is already enough evidence to see that we could very well be heading for an economic collapse. Forget the numbers and pay attention to the trend of declination around the world.Forget whether the forecasters are saying ‘boom or bust’…they are only interested in numbers.

Consider the major political chaos currently in Egypt…last year even some of the European countries
were teetering on the edge of major downfalls…Forget the predictions that the real estate market knows the upcoming trends…instead consider all the foreclosures and evictions that many home-owners faced because of the economy last year…and don’t forget how the people were forced to bail out BANKS  and financial institutions and auto-makers last year…yet when the individual gets into financial trouble no one is there to bail them out…quite the contradiction there, to say the least. I just saw a news clip yesterday about a very wealthy man living in an ultra-luxurious million dollar home in California…he has not paid his mortgage for months, yet still manages to live in the house. It is an example of paper-pushing and playing shell games. When you have wealth on our side you have a shield of protection. If you are among the common people living more modestly, when you screw up you bear the full weight of the law.

Personally I have lived on the edge of homelessness many times in the past….having to decide whether to
pay the rent or feed the children…as we used to say ‘one paycheck away from homelessness’. Why do you think all these money marts and lenders have sprung up?

5) NEW WORLD ORDER - take-over by tyrannical government – this also would be a terrible thing to live under…remember that the goal of the ‘world government’ is one of wealth and power…the abuses of power are easy to see all around us…politicians using public money for their own pleasure; how did we allow that to ever happen? Remember that this goal would involve oppression and control of the populations…we see how already
they are taking away our rights and these are becoming more and more obvious.

They assured us that the holocaust ‘would never happen again’…I say History is doomed to repeat itself.  And this is very much like what it would
be like living under a global dictatorship…even to the point of work camps and internment.

I still insist that the world is spinning out of control…how long can we continue to live under extreme
circumstances which are only getting worse all the time?

Now some notes from the perspective of Astrology:
the planet Uranus[change, revolution] moves into the sign of Aries [the warrior] in March of this year where it remains until 2018…in 2012 it forms a negative alliance with Pluto [destruction and renewal]. Pluto rules over atomic energy and terrorists by the way. When these two planets form this particular aspect, it can symbolize being blindsided or sideswiped.

“The astro-logical likelihood for 2012 is that the paradigm-shift issues of the 1960s will be forced by circumstance to deliver their goods: ecological ideas, women's power and techno-globalism, to name but three bundles of issues, will probably have to handle an emergency. War, institutions and boundaries (Aries-Capricorn) are predictable front-runners for likely trouble. Knowing how things are nowadays, this aspect is likely actually to bring a hailstorm of major issues.

The term astro-logical means making sense [logic] of the patterns of the stars and planetary bodies.

Mystics and metaphysicians have a common theme that they believe will play out as the Awakening begins to unfold. “It will symbolize a ‘renaissance’ period for humanity” they say. 

“In the 2012 winter solstice conjunction, we will experience nothing less than a total rebirth of the planet and our consciousness, at proportions so extreme that our linear brains cannot possibly conceive of the enormity and complexity. The wisdom will not be based on ancient paradigms, but on a totally new multidimensional consciousness that allows its initiates to function in the fourth and fifth dimensions with third-eye activation [psychic center] and a global consciousness that is shared through a connection of our heart chakras”. 

I will say that the astrological calendars continue to go on and on and on into the future as if the future never ends. Why then does the Mayan calendar speak of endings and such? With a significant paradigm shift, as suggested in the paragraph above, we could actually experience something that symbolizes the end of time itself [finding the gateway to Time travel?]

It is common among astrologers to use the following keywords:
Resurrection, righteousness, faith, trust, awareness, radical changes in cognition.
Also: technological upheavals [like Atlantis], the reaping time, sudden unexpected global changes, revolution or awakenings.
I lean towards the ‘awakening’ in preference.

It is interesting to consider the movie Awakenings with Robin Williams:In a mental institution the patients were somnambulant …they were like automatons until some progressive therapy allowed them to briefly wake up from their comatose situations. Imagine what that would be like…I liken it to what is happening now. the sheeple are sleepwalking through life and what will it take to awaken them to a new reality?  

And what about those pre-cogs in the movie Minority report?

As an aside I have a multitude of files about the horoscope for 2012 which I plan to gradually share.

When Uranus/Pluto square off with each other the shock waves of power can become significant.
New impulses arising from a conjunction are put to the test - there is a manifestation crisis. The astrologically-logical likelihood for 2012 is that the paradigm-shift issues of the 1960s will be forced by circumstance to deliver their goods: ecological ideas, women's power and techno-globalism, to name but three bundles of issues, will probably have to handle an emergency. War, institutions and boundaries are predictable front-runners for likely trouble. Knowing how things are nowadays, this aspect is likely actually to bring a hailstorm of major issues.

One source suggests that “Changes are about to happen on the astral plane,” he said. “Science has been in power on the material plane, but there’s going to be a turnaround in 2012–I’ve been told this by my spirit guides. From that year on, science will decline, destroyed by its own excesses. Then spirit will return to the planet.” Instead of a passionate humanitarianism, this man advocated detachment and withdrawing from the material world.

And further “It may be a pivotal point in geographical changes, which are already taking place, and if this should be accompanied by an ELE [extinction level event] then I guess there is no point in worrying about it since there would be little we can do to prepare for it. I believe that this does not necessarily mean the end on a physical level. Rather I believe that it symbolizes the end of civilization ‘as we know it’. There are a number of astro-logical cycles coming to a close in 2012 indicative of new beginnings.

I have to agree that in many of the cataclysmic scenarios that might occur there is little we can do to prepare. Still a spiritual awakening may occur and this we can take steps to prepare for. It may be our only salvation in the end. Preparatory actions involve re-connecting with the Spirit within us all….more on that later.

For now we have a lot of bitter pills to swallow in the dash towards 2012 and we are best served by learning how to turn lemons into lemonade… Can you see?

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