Monday, January 31, 2011

The contradiction of Brotherhood

In the writings of Agni Yoga it is said
“Out of the ashes of the Old, the New World is created”

Until recently I did not know the extent of how many leaders and people of influence are associated with secret organizations often called the Brotherhood. To me the word implied unity, compassion and humanitarian activities. Not necessarily so, as I find out.

Apparently George Washington and Ben Franklin along with many others of the founding fathers were members of such a brotherhood. It is supposed to represent groups of people claiming to specifically be concerned with serving mankind. They have a polished image of wealth, power and supposedly integrity but as we learn now their image is but a camouflage to what their true purpose is.

Agni Yoga states that ‘these men devoted their lives to the creation of America and had the courage and daring to sign the Declaration of Independence. The Brotherhood always works for the advancement of science, art, philosophy or in any work to make this a better world.”
“Christ was a member of the Essenes who were in existence one hundred years before Christ, one hundred years during the time of Christ and one hundred years after Christ. Then they changed form and became the Knights Templar and then the Night Riders of France and Italy. You may recall that I mentioned the fact that secret brotherhoods have existed for over 300 years and here again we have reference to the numerological symbol. The whole purpose of these Brotherhoods was to fight injustice wherever they found it, even in their homes.”

“The Egyptian Freemasonry was actually meant to be for men, women and children, but this caused a great deal of difficulty with the other Masons, who wanted to eliminate the women and children and for a long time they did.”
“The Knights Templar are the occult [secretive] order of Masonry. Their plays are written with occult truths and costumes are made of the finest silks and broadcloth, trimmed with real ermine and sable….and here’s an interesting note …members of the Brotherhood are buried with three red roses in their hand…FDR was buried as such”

Of course these notes are in reference to the White Brotherhood which is spiritually motivated working within the metaphysical realm.

Confusion came about when the Aryan Brotherhood began acting out though as the KKK, and the concept of racial superiority was of course much more sinister than the other and all brotherhoods became suspect. 

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