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children of the new age

January 19, 2011 – Indigo children
FULL MOON IN CANCER – insights and revelations relating to domestic and family concerns
In view of a current personal family issue I am compelled to write about a concept relating to a special group of children called  the Indigos. I read about this several years ago yet it seemed irrelevant on a personal level. Things have changed now and I must reconsider the possibility of it being personally relevant…
We are all made of stars:

Much has been written of late about the concept that some people may in fact be placed here as ‘being seeded’ from the Star people. They are believed to be hybrids from extra-terrestrial origin, as is the theme of a recent television series entitled ‘V’. I have no trouble believing that. It is not such a far stretch for me to consider that the Indigo children are also a distinct possibility. Basically Indigos can be recognized by some rather aberrant [defiant] behavior and unwillingness to be controlled.
Such traits are now being recognized in two of my own grandchildren and on closer observation both seem to be exhibiting behaviors that have been associated with this ‘condition’. Indeed there are potential psychological explanations yet the consistency with which this is being played out in both cases has we adults bewildered and mystified, to say the least.

In a nutshell Indigos are said to be highly psychic and are typically responding to higher frequencies than most of us. They have come to be ambassadors of a sort to teach the adults around them certain lessons and because of this they are especially aggressive in expressing themselves. They have no patience for being controlled and disciplined and thus tend to rebel against any form of authority. This reminds me of some the biblical revelations relating to the warning that in the end times:

 Matthew 10:21 "Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death.


In consideration of the approaching New Awakening, there also seems to be an increasing trend of children exhibiting Indigo traits. What if it is true? For me the line between probability and possibility is becoming less and less rigid.
Information I have found on line about this occurrence include the following:
We like to put labels on things to help us define them and place them in categories. Parents often like to feel their children are special. There are have always been psychically gifted children and those who seem to have some power to heal. In this age, channeller named Lee Carroll coined the term Indigo Children allowing parents of children with emotional problems and learning disabilities to feel special when they cannot fit into mainstream. These are children who remain in awareness of who they really are and why they are here. They stay in touch with the higher aspects of their soul experience. They have a spiritual mission and focus and that the time is now crucial.”
There have of course always been ’gifted’ children however these ones seem quite different from any category you could place them in, although many have apparently been diagnosed with ADHD or ODD and such. Perhaps even autistics can be classed in this category.
According to Walter Mercado “the Children of the New Age are the privileged ones. They come to this world already touched and blessed by the spirit of the New Awakening, closer to the universal spirit and closer to their discovery of it. For them the door to the unconscious is already open and the drive to dive deeper into their inner selves compels them to seek how to know for themselves. They are no longer willing to accept beliefs; they want to build their own beliefs…”

The parents of these children can easily become overwhelmed and frustrated basically because these children will not respond to the usual demands for discipline and conformity. “The children born now are under the dramatic and increasing influence of Aquarius come to us with expanded powers, but if we do not listen to and encourage them, their capacities will atrophy. As with the muscles of the body failure to exercise our powers limits the growth of those powers. A child kept in a seat will never learn to walk; a child hindered from running will never gain speed and endurance. Similarly a child constantly told that what he sees are just meaningless dreams or daydreams, constantly told that such and such is impossible, will never reach the limits of his vision or reach beyond what is believed possible…the children arriving now have no conception of what is or is not impossible. They are especially well-suited to lead us beyond the limits of what we believe to be possible, into whole new realms.”

These children come as teachers as well as students. They have chosen to incarnate to certain parents for specific purposes.
They are confident in their own right and resist being treated as mere children who are ignorant and naïve and they will fight tooth and nail against any effort to contain and limit them. The influence of this particular point in our collective evolution brings them to guide us into the New Awakening and beyond.
As mentioned previously in my blog numerology seems to have significance in my life…in this situation in view of current developments I have now been witness to three separate cases of this ‘phenomenom’… 3 separate cases is enough to convince me that there is more going on than mere coincidence…something is definitely afoot, which also fits in with my understandings about 2012.

“If we reject their visions, condemn them for their dreams, we are sealing them off from the universal spirit — and we are sealing ourselves off, as well.”
Of course the parents must first rule out physical causes such as chemical imbalances in the brain, and this is the first step in working with these children…again the medical profession likes to put labels on people based entirely on science and increasing diagnoses of food allergies, digestive disorders, eating disorders, early puberty and such are typically associated with the cause of the problems and indeed these can be linked to behavioral problems. Many parents will accept such diagnoses and as a last resort will often agree to medicating their children.   
And then for many parents the next step is typically to seek out psychologists and psychiatrists to pinpoint the problem.  Then they can get a somewhat more impressive label. 

I do believe that people in general are too quick to accept medical advice and psychological reasons for what is wrong. There comes a time though, I believe, when we have to start recognizing metaphysical reasons. We must begin to believe in the reality that we are ‘of the spirit’ moreso than of the physical alone. Our physical reality is but one part of our entire ‘being’ and these are the types of lessons that are increasing more now in the collective consciousness. For parents these are the type of mysterious changes coming into play that are meant to shake up their personal concepts about reality and to push them towards more metaphysical understandings of what is happening all around.

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