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Accelerating frequencies and paradigm shifts.

“Planetary vibrational frequencies are accelerating exponentially, allowing souls to peer into other realms far more easily than in the past. Frequency will continue to rise until consciousness evolves out of the physical in the next few years” which is targeted for the year 2012.
Many fear the prophecy of the Mayans as being catastrophic and cataclysmic. They keep themselves distracted by maintaining a deep focus on the concerns of the physical/material realm so as not to contemplate the unthinkable. Others say it is all just another false claim that has no basis in reality. Many say ‘Why now? I say Why not?
From a metaphysical perspective those who have become awakened will be the most receptive to whatever changes may come. Perhaps the sleepwalkers will continue to ‘sleep’ through this period as well, being unaware of what is happening. Perhaps the process will involve a culling of mankind, where only the ones awakened will experience the change. Whether it is a Higher Source we connect to, or simply our own Spirit, we are apt to go through something akin to an immersion into otherworldly realms: a transformation so to speak or perhaps a resurrection.
Collectively we are all involved in creating this reality which has become so aberrant, negative and destructive although most do not understand or recognize the Universal Laws that truly govern us, such as the basic Law of Cause and Effect, as well as the Laws of Right relationship, Balance and Unity. They cannot fathom that as creative beings we do manifest what is in our minds and souls on the physical level.  They do not see the connection. Instead they focus only on the Laws of Man.
The earth is over-populated to the max, with birth rates continuing to rise and resources quickly being depleted. We have known about the Global Climate Crisis for decades, but little has been done to interrupt the rapid decline of earth’s resources which must inevitably come to an end. Empires and whole civilizations have collapsed in the past as a result of greed instead of humanity.
With such greed being the force behind the lawmakers, politicians, judges who seek to decide our fates for us we have reached a definite point of no-return. There is no turning back from the industrial-military complex that has led to such an imbalance on earth. The other factor is that so many people have lost their connection to their own divinity; as such for many persons living today there is no purpose or meaning in this thing called life. To them self destruction is often a more viable option.
The ongoing earth changes are part of the prophecies about what is to come as well and I see these as metaphors for Gaia’s [mother earth] resistance to mankinds insults and abuses. She protests against us with earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and increasing weather disasters.
We can readily see that the weather patterns are shifting and becoming ever more unpredictable. Last summer was declared the hottest ever recorded and people  were dying from heat exhaustion. Now we are inundated with massive flooding all over the world and deep cold in other places. Prophets say it will only get worse and we will ultimately experience geographical changes of great magnitude as part of the new awakening. Others suggest there will be a shift of the magnetic poles causing the earth’s axis to shift as well. It would be hard to determine what effects these things might have for mankind.
What if our Sun was sucked into a wormhole, which may well be what the galactic center is? We could not survive without the sun providing our fuel for living? Or perhaps the galactic center is a portal to a time tunnel. Such considerations require much more consideration as they would involve highly complex understandings. I leave that work to the scientists.
Some suggest that maybe humans would be transported to other dimensions as part of the Awakening. This is part of why we are actively opening ourselves to a Higher consciousness so as to align our personal frequencies with those of higher vibrations and thus be transported to different realities. Or perhaps we will be transported by the aliens to other planets. Many have claimed that we are heading towards a major Paradigm Shift of reality. What exactly does that mean?
I have been considering this subject for some time now trying to understand how that could happen. I have believed that this would be some ominous event that is almost beyond the imagination to comprehend. We each have a variable concept of personal reality, as I learned many years ago through Seth. Our concept of reality is also related to a specific time line and if we were not connected to that concept reality would be quite different. It is time that keeps us believing that we are moving forward in a specific order. But, what if there was no time line?  We might experience multi-dimensional events happening all simultaneously; perhaps we could move backward or forward or sideways at whim. Seth talked about Parallel Universes long before quantum physics was being studied in the mainstream.
So what is a paradigm shift? Think of it as a pattern or a grid of reality that suddenly changes. The Matrix offered us a glimpse of what that would entail. Jonathon Livingstone Seagull experienced such a thing when he suddenly transported and awoke in a whole new reality, and then being advised that he had ascended. The movies have provided us with a number of different glimpses of what that would be like: consider What Dreams May Come and Defending Your Life. In the latter, the theme was kept along the lines of acceptable limits in terms of portraying the Judgment day as portrayed in the book of revelations; nonetheless it was an entertaining movie. In both cases, the individual did not even realize they were actually dead and had no memory of how the process had taken place; almost instantaneously they found themselves in a whole new reality. The popularity of near-death experiences that have been reported suggest a common theme of being in a tunnel and moving towards the light during the process of crossing over. This suggests to me that it could symbolize a time tunnel after all.  These are all examples of significant paradigm shifts.TIME
In considering a world-wide paradigm shift the concept is unnerving at the least, if not frightening. Gradually however I have come to a new understanding as a truth that has been revealed to me about this concept. I realize now that humans are frequently prone to paradigm shifts on a personal level, typically as a result of major shock or crisis thanks to Pluto. I recall the incidents of my parents death and how each separate instance affected me.
My mother went first suffering from congestive heart disease. I was barely 30 at the time yet I still remember the impact very vividly even though that was over 25 years ago. We were called to the hospital on the morning that her life was ebbing and witnessed this most stressful event. After sitting by her side while she was comatose, I took a small break, allowing my siblings to say their good byes. And then when I returned she had already passed. For days afterwards my family and I were in a deep shock which was very disorienting and in recollection I realize that this was an example of what a paradigm shift is like. All of a sudden my whole world changed. I had previously experienced the same thing after my marriage dissolved. And then 4 years later, my dad passed away in similar fashion from cancer and I re-experienced yet another shift of my personal reality shift.
 As we undergo such changes the primary feeling is one of disorientation and disassociation as we struggle to absorb the shock. We become like automatons which was even more difficult for me trying to maintain my balance as a single mom of two young daughters at the same time. How much more magnitude will an overall paradigm shift associated with 2012 create? Still the truth revealed to me assists me in keeping things in perspective and focusing on the potential for more hopeful changes when the Awakening occurs rather than focusing on the negative.
The worst thing we can do is panic and be anxious about potential outcomes. From a metaphysical level ‘the seeds of the present become our future outcomes.’ As we think, so we are. When we project negativity externally it comes back to us in similar form- as we sow, so shall we reap. Again this is merely the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.  This is why I promote the necessity of awakening from the illusion that represents our current reality and striving to be more mindful and reaching for higher awareness as our frequencies become tweaked. I believe this to be a significant part of preparing for whatever comes our way. This is what keeps me on my personal path of spiritual awakening and reconnection with the divine. Ultimately we must awaken from the dream and realize that death is not an end it is the return to innocence. Why do we fear death so much? Perhaps I will write more about that.
Lyrics-Waiting for the Moon-Bruce Cockburn…might be a party might be a war…whatever’s coming there’s no place else to go.
A good friend of mine offers this in regards to 2012 advising us to…

Stop worrying and start working toward a more enlightened and conscious way of being. In these times we are called on to speak truth, act with compassion, and trust our higher instincts. Our acts of genuine love and care, for each other and the world, are ultimately cataclysmic to the culture of selfishness and greed, and revolutionary to those of us who wish to live more sustainabley, in harmony, and closer to the earth.
 love, Danielle aka MoonCat  

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