Thursday, January 27, 2011

War, secrets and reality

War…what is it good for…absolutely nothing!

Our generation was totally engaged in watching the daily fighting in Viet Nam via the invention of the television. We lived the war on a day to day basis and got close-up, in your face, visuals chronicling the carnage and destruction that was occurring. We also saw the unfolding events as the Gulf War got underway. That War ended with threat of releasing biological weapons. Again we were witness to the war in Iraq, a war that like Viet Nam was never really won. Today’s generation is not privy to the same degree of media coverage over Afghanistan, especially not in terms of seeing horror associated with death and killing. They get their input from Hollywood blockbusters these days and I think that is quite different.
These later generations are being systematically desensitized to what is occurring around the world especially since most investigative journalists these days are typically under the control of the government. The desensitizing program has been also been boosted by computer games.  
This serves to make the concepts of war and killing less threatening or real. We now have populations here in the west who are totally apathetic to the suffering of others and war seems almost like the norm…as long as it doesn’t get too close. And even seeing victims coming back from war in coffins seems to have little impact on today’s viewers. It is largely only the relatives of soldiers who are affected and in turn often their reactions are bizarre in that they continue to proclaim support for the troops. Why are they not more adamant in protesting against the continued murder of their loved ones? This all seems awfully strange to me.
After the war-to-end-all-wars we were promised that it would never happen again. More empty promises.
There will always be war on our planet in the attempt to balance between negative forces and positive ones. Yet never a balance seems to be met. Perhaps Alex Jones is right though when he claims that “there is a war on for your mind.” So while countries act on their impulse towards violence as a plan of the military-industrial complex, our biggest individual threat is to wake up one day to find ourselves in a ‘prison planet’ and indeed that would definitely qualify as a paradigm shift of reality for the collective. As such, I see this potential as more plausible than other cataclysmic potentialities.  This is why our consciousness needs to be accelerating so that we can reach higher for an awareness of what is really going on behind the scenes. The plan is definitely a sinister one.
 And what about all those survivalist groups? They are decidedly anti-government yet as things heat up it seems the movement is pretty much underground at this point. Sometimes I wonder why they are not already trying to rattle some cages.  Perhaps they must wait for the appointed time to rise up and begin a revolution. I’ve heard of many underground compounds being prepared for resistance against a new world order. What if 2012 will open the gates to this battle for our minds. We can only hope that the plan of the survivalists will be equal to stand up against the tyranny of a world government. What comes to mind to me sometimes is the question of who we should fear most – extraterrestrials, or those within our own ranks?  
I used to think that these groups were, well, just a little bit wacko, and perhaps even dangerous. What I think now is they probably have a realistic plan that may ultimately be justified. Often these groups were exposed in the media as being associated mostly with the Aryan Brotherhood and this had many people distrusting them and opposing them. I wondered why they were stockpiling weapons if they were merely preparing for some ecological disaster. I now understand. As I write this I am listening to Pat Benatar who sings a significant message:
“We can’t afford to be innocent; we must stand up and face the enemy…
It’s a do or die situation…we must be invincible.”
How fitting is that?
Do not worry…these incidents of synchronicity have become a daily part of my existence! On a personal note my writings are keeping me from doing other things that I might otherwise be doing, however my muse has reawakened of late and once she gets going I have to pay attention to this conscious processing.
Of late I have been watching a series of informative documentaries especially concerned with the topic of secret societies that seem to be increasing in power. It all began when I watched the TV series called ‘Pillars of the Earth’. Prior to this I had paid little attention to such conspiracy theories.My conscious mind did not wish to dwell too much on conspiracies; I did not want to appear to be paranoid.
That was over a year ago, and the topic has continued to haunt me ever since. My attention was later peaked by a personal experience which I will explain later…yet another synchronistic event. I also used to think that the term Brotherhood was a simplistic yet rather idealistic concept suggesting a unification of groups in support of doing service to humanity. I have since learned that the ideal, like all things, embraces both positive and negative implications. I know now of the danger of being so simplistic, having learned about age old organizations such as The Skull and Bones, the Bildeberg group and the Masons which have been setting the parameters of this plan for a new world order going back as far as three hundred years or longer. Who knew? And I recognize the spread of these secretive organizations which almost seems to be now mustering greater power as we approach 2012.
 Their members include presidents, politicians, judges, lawyers, as well as the police and all manner of other chosen individuals. They are the well-to-do, socially connected and wealthy who are the builders of a new foundation related to this world government. Heaven help us if there is only a pinch of truth about these power-mongers. That is what it is all about…power, as designed by Pluto in the heavens.
I intend to write more about that topic soon…for now I have another example of our ongoing shifts in consciousness:
I am suddenly informed that there is to be a small wedding ceremony in the place I was living, and my mother in law was hosting the event. I had not known about this and was caught in a bit of a predicament as to what to wear for the occasion. This was a mature couple, so many of the guests were on the older side. My mother in law was busy preparing a buffet but my main concern was what to wear. The wedding party arrived a little ahead of schedule and the party got underway. There was a cement patio that was all decorated and lit up outside and I found myself quite impressed watching these older people dancing as couples…they were very good. My own parents were in their 50’s and loved to go to the dance halls when they could. I seemed to be alone among all these elders and was acting as the photographer for the event. Aside from my initial anxiety I got into the groove of watching them having so much fun…but then…
Suddenly the event is gone. There are no more dancers and no food to enjoy and I am back to my normal routine, realizing that it was just a dream. I realize that this was a simple example of a paradigm shift and this is quite a revelation that I had not connected to previously. It demonstrates how reality can change in a instant. While we dream we are actually experiencing another dimension which is being orchestrated by the subconscious. Is this something we should really fear?
Still there is the question of which is actually the reality…the dream or the awake state?  On that the lines are starting to blur for me for I dream vigorously and have done so throughout my life…the difference for me is that I have a greater degree of recall, especially when a dream is attempting to teach me something. I have my own understanding of the dream world although in my own experience these so-called dictionaries of dream symbolism is often way off the mark.                                                                                                                               
For instance – my dream about the snake in my house. The ‘experts’ suggest
Snakes have been a fear in dreams for quite some time. The ancient Egyptians used to make snakes out of clay and place them at the doors of their homes to frighten away nightmares, believing that snakes were bringers of bad dreams and that the clay snake would keep real ones away. One dream interpreter  reports that snakes signify some hidden threat. This makes sense, as most of us fear the “snake in the grass.” Like most other symbols, though, this one has many meanings that depend on context. Snakes shed their skin, so they may signify renewal and transformation. This may be a frightening experience, as most people are uncomfortable with change, or it may be very positive.”
This is a highly obscure and indistinct interpretation as there is always the prospect of it being one or the other. Which is it? As Jung suggested symbols represent archetypes and I believe that symbols are more often significant to the individual’s experience; in other words symbolism is highly individualistic.
While in the dream I was indeed frightened by this huge poisonous snake, as to be expected yet I later realized that in my reality, the symbol of the snake [serpent] holds deeper meanings relating to both healing and consciousness. It involves my personal connection to the Great Creator and a reminder of the misinterpretation of the serpent in the garden of Eden. It also relates to the coiled serpent in the kundalini and the chakra energy that is released as we undergo the process of awakening.  In this particular dream the creature was avoiding being caught and seemed to have the ability to disappear in an instant despite its size. The underlying theme suggested that my conscious understandings are sometimes elusive.
Perhaps this is the same process that occurs at death: we simply just suddenly awaken to a new dimension of reality.
coming soon:

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