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April 18: what does this dance in the cosmos portend for earthlings?


It seems that this year has come in like a lion considering all the instability and chaos we have been experiencing in such a short time. Unfortunately things will definitely get worse before we can hope for any balance or stability. The planetary cycles are progressing towards some monumental evolutionary changes, and if you have not already experienced an accelerating consciousness within yourself, this is definitely occurring on a collective level as we move closer to 2012.

The cosmic interplay in the heavens follow specific cycles over time, some of which are repeating now while others are setting the stage for a whole new paradigm of experience on earth. As the Moon controls the ebb and flow of the tides, so do all the planets exert forces of energy that affect us physically, mentally and ethereally[on levels that we are not aware of].Mother Gaia is always in the process of evolution and we the inhabitants must also evolve for the good of the All.

The planets represent archetypes of energy which we experience in different ways as the planets cycle through the variable signs of the zodiac. Current alignments leading up to the Eclipse are revealing tendencies of tension and disruption. The Eclipses are designated as harbingers of change on a global level, and when one's personal chart is impacted by this force this can foretell significant turning points in life. The set-up indicates significant challenges involving some heavy-duty influence from the outer planets which signify great social/political changes for humanity at large. Let me introduce the players:

The Lord of Death and Transformation; the Lord of Karma; the Lord of Chaos and Upheaval; The Lord of Expansion and Evolution; all are setting up to contribute to a dynamic drama filled with action, terror, mystery and instability destroying the very foundations of what we humans call reality...the playing field will need to be leveled off and we must expect great destruction once the play really gets under way. The Goddess of the Depths will also be involved in an effort to remove the blinders from our eyes, so that we may see the true reality beyond the illusion. Perhaps finally some of the sheeple will be awakened from their sleepwalking through life.

As individuals we will be called upon to have the courage to stand up against oppression and stop being complacent about what is being dished out to the words of Winston: “we must never surrender”. We will also have to gain the faith to stand together against injustice as was taught by our Savior and much later by the Ascended Master, Gandhi. We must listen to the voices crying in the wilderness for what lies ahead will involve making the decision of between being a survivor or a victim. This will seem like the grand reckoning to many people.

At the time of the eclipse, the Sun [as creator] and the Moon [as mother/sustainer] will be joined together in the Sign of Gemini, fueling the energy of conscious awareness and communication. Together their energies will be highly focused. The lesser characters that relate to our more personal experiences and circumstances in life will be close behind exerting the energy that relates to being grounded in the physical world and how that impacts on our personal comfort and security. These include the Messenger of the Mind, the Lady of love and self-esteem and the Warrior Prince.

Here is my version of how the drama will play out:

Just prior to the Eclipse our Mother will be squaring off with the Goddess of the Depths to try to snap us out of our dream and to acknowledge the deeper issues of our subconscious concepts which keep us trapped in the Grand Illusion...some will be illuminated, some will be duped or manipulated. Some may experience some temporary emotional confusion and muddled thinking. Psychic receptivity and hyper-sensitivity may be afoot. The Goddess has recently moved back into her home territory in the sign of compassion, sympathy, understanding, empathy and for some, deep sorrows or losses. She is ready to clean house and her mandate is to dissolve and dissipate the veils that keep us deluded and off-balanced; she is prepared to do whatever it takes to wash things clean once is she who engenders dangers associated with gases, oils and chemicals poisonings: last year it was the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and now we have the disaster in Japan, the ramifications of which will also be long-lasting in the coming years. We can see her works in the major global flooding around the world as well as some hefty tsunamis, all of which fall under her reign.
And while she prefers peace and transcendence, her fury can also be strong.
These are not long-distance threats because the ramifications can contribute to a further destabilization of the systems of global economic situations which are already teetering on the brink of destruction for some countries.

For the majority of people at this juncture this Goddess is the bringer of mysteries, secrets and deception, hidden behind a veil of illusion and we can see the effect that is becoming more obvious as exemplified by all the secrecy and misinformation about global events being controlled by the government through the media...we have not been told everything about the current events involving Japan and the Libyan war...the eclipse however may be the tipping point for revealing the truths that have been withheld in the previous months. While the Goddess in her highest expression is about compassion, empathy, psychism, perceptibly, receptivity and transcendence above the material, for the unawakened she often tends to engender naivete, confusion, illusion and compliance. This creates the perfect storm for the Police State to really take control. This is why 'the sheeple need to wake up' before the shadows of the dark war rain down upon us. The Eclipse will relate to systems of information[the media],education, transportation and we may expect to hear some significant news breaks around this time; by then we will know more about the truth of the destruction in Japan and how the chemicals may be affecting us all. Perhaps there will be more marine disasters [spills] or more marine kill-offs like the dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Lord of Socialization and Evolution sits at a critical degree of the sign associated with aggression and war, just prior to moving into a new sign of influence in the year ahead. This does not bode well for stabilization since wherever this agent goes the desire to expand is magnified and very often too-rapid expansion can lead to increased problems. In entering the earthy energy of Taurus, personal security and comfort may be challenged, as we wait for the 'other shoe to drop' regarding the real threat of the nuclear fall-out in Japan and the political/economic declines on the global level.

Now this Lord can be quite duplicitous in his workings [as are all the players]
because on the one hand he can be known as the Great Benefactor and bringer of opportunity, while at the same time can incite over-zealousness, greed and bad judgment when it seems like the fortunes turn against us. Sometimes we fail to acknowledge our blessings in the search for gaining 'more and more'.
Those who will benefit from the Taurus energization will be those who learn how to make due with much less, leaving a more modest global imprint; we are supposed to be stewards of the earth not abusers and since our food supplies are continuing to become contaminated, the ability to live off the land will become more necessary. In working through this energy we need to be judicious, generous and appreciative of what we have without succumbing to the consumeristic delusion that contributes the reduction of our Mother's resources.

The Guru encourages us to expand beyond our 'perceived' limitations and boundaries on a philosophical and cultural is especially heinous when individuals or organizations expand only for their own interests and benefits and gain success through the sufferings of others through greed or merely for the sake of Power. This is part of the warnings being offered by the Guru as we see an exaggeration of expansion on the material and physical levels instead of feeding the Soul by ignoring humanitarian appeals and spiritual needs.

During the past year there has been an oppositional stand-off between the Lord of Expansion and the Lord of Karma, a cycle that has in the past always related to political/social disruptions and changes of great import. When the Guru entertains only material pleasures and pursuits, the Lord of Karma demands structure and conservation. The Guru also wants to be free-spirited yet the Lord of Karma always steps in to reign in the galloping horses; he expects conformity and constraint and when this energy is misused the Great Teacher steps in to create blockages and limitations.

During this cosmic stand-off we were supposed to learn about self-control over restlessness and learn the importance of working for others rather than merely the make appropriate judgments of both people and situations rather than giving into prejudices and discriminations...and perhaps most importantly to be totally accountable for our own actions...for the staff of the Lord of Karma is that which involves the law of cause and effect. What we sow comes back to us threefold in the long run, but we generally fail to see the connection since this Universal Law often takes some time to manifest.

In this particular battle things have reached their paradoxical peak and now we must deal with the fall-out that has ramifications for all of humanity. Now we must be accountable for our excessive consumeristic needs and greed for acquisition which have contributed to the abuse and destruction of Gaia's resources. Point in case: why does a family of four with only two drivers need 4 vehicles in their driveway, a motorcycle and a pleasure boat? These are the ones that contribute to a greater degree of pollution, releasing toxins in the environment and perpetuate the excessive demand for oil that contributes to the destruction of the Earth. They leave a much bigger global footprint that does no good for the All and ultimately they are the purveyors of global misconduct.

We have forgotten that we are 'spirits living in a material world' and that material treasures have no lasting value...this is another message that the Goddess of the Depths will be working to get across to those who are living in luxury with inhumane disregard to many others...until we can recall our divinity, humanity will continue to suffer continuous sorrows and major losses and be forced to accept personal sacrifices of great magnitute...this will continue to be played out through continued marine disasters, global flooding and tsunamis, and poisonings through the waters, since the Goddess rules the oceans and rivers and seas as well. Sounds a lot like THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW to me.

The degree of how individuals will be affected by this oncoming train of disruption and turmoil will depend largely on how these cosmic players impact on the personal Vitasphere [birth chart]...some will be more affected than others...some will be blind-sided by a lack of awareness...others will undergo major psychological and mental transformations that will be as like undergoing a personal trial by fire. Will you choose to be victim or survivor?

The word of an oncoming revolution is out as others have been trying to tell us for decades...because of the built-up tension in the heavens and on earth something will have to give, and I fear that the strength of the New World Order may finally win out, especially when the sheeple are afraid to stand up and shout out as they are being led to the slaughter.

There are a few other characters standing in the wings, ready to contribute to the ongoing systematic and organizational breakdowns. These include of the Lord of Death and the Lord of Chaos. And what will happen when the Lord of Death battles it out with the Lord of Karma? My personal philosophy is that we must HOPE FOR THE BEST BUT PREPARE FOR THE WORST. I fear that the Great Awakening is not happening fast enough to offset oncoming peril and global devastation.

Are you up to date on the emergence of a ONE WORLD ORDER which will include a total imprisonment and confinement of people in America? Are you willing to sacrifice more of your individual rights by oppression and brutality? Do you realize that a police state is ready to take over at any time in America? Are you prepared to have all your resources, including food, shelter and monetary means taken over by a government that will be no less horrific that the Nazis in the second world war? Are you aware that medications as well as supplements will be controlled by the government? That your children are being groomed to being totally submissive and compliant so that they can be turned into slaves? That they may be taken away from you for experimentation and mind control?

Do you know what the CHEMTRAILS are actually doing to the environment? That your very soil is being contaminated to prevent self-reliance through growing your own food? That there is a definite plan for worldwide population reduction by any means necessary? Many say that the book 1984 is actually becoming the reality? And that does not present a promising picture at all.

I urge you to check back for my part II blog where we will investigate more about the Lords of Destruction, Denial, Karma and Chaos as they relate to the plan unfolding.

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