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Summer of Reckoning 2011

MAY 5:

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

GET READY TO RUMBLE: The Reckoning is nigh...

The summer of 2011 will be very heated and intense on a cosmic level according to the planetary configurations coming into play. While many of us may not get the full co-operation of a normal weather pattern this summer, the Heavens are getting ready to roar with a thunder that is already beginning to resonate on both the personal and collective levels...I have been sounding the alarm for some time now and again I say it is time to make sure your personal rudder is properly directed and ready for the Perfect Storm.

In addition to two Eclipses in June, there will be a third on July 1 as well with the Summer Solstice placed in between. Eclipses represent signals of change and upheaval and this trio is apt to be intensified by other cosmic energies coming into play, not the least of which is a clash between the Lord of the Underworld and the Lord of Chaos and Change, showing that terrorism, chaos,nuclear power and revolution will only continue to increase, reaching a peak in June of 2012.

As residents of this threatened planet, humanity will be tested to the core as personal realities continue to change and global events become more and more chaotic and disruptive. This powerful cosmic clash will be of similar nature to the setup prior to the American Revolution as part of a greater evolutionary cycle. Earth's magnetic poles are already shifting and this in part is linked to the intense climate changes we are witnessing around the world. It is said: “We can expect civil uprisings and rebellion equal to those during the American Civil Rights clashes in the 60's. The 1960s are up for review, and the review period could be tense and confrontational unless we use the cycle at its most constructive level. The path of least resistance so often leads to failure, whereas the healthier choices require more maturity, more human ingenuity, increased creative application, and a sincere willingness to seek a shift to a wiser, less ego-based perspective.”

As humans, change is a necessary part of our evolutionary requirement, especially when conditions become so unbearable and out of balance as they are now. We are just coming out of a periodic clash between the Lord of Karma and the Lord of Abundance and Hope, creating a situation rather like a see-saw between momentum and restriction; America is just beginning to reap the Karma of their irresponsibility and abuses of power and there is much more to come before their slate can be wiped clean. The U.K is also a major target for the increasing energy clashes and they are about to undergo a major 'identity crisis' and we could well see the dissolution of the Monarchy, despite the recent Royal Weddingattempt to

There will be a massive revolution on a global scale and if necessary change is
resisted, the times ahead will be very turbulent and painful. My sense is that this will lead to some kind of critical global reckoning. The U.K is a primary target of this energy, which could well see the end of the Monarchy, despite the hope of the recent Royal Wedding.

This particular celestial clash has not occurred since the American Revolution and therein lies the theme that will repeat itself in the years ahead...and with all the karma accumulated in the U.S, the American dream is again about to be plundered and torn asunder. Additionally the U.K is another target of this dramatic playing out under the theme of experiencing an identity crisis of their own... UK IDENTITY CRISIS:

“Identity is multi-layered. There is the outer, projected self, which is usually glorified or at least promoted for its positive qualities. There is the layer beneath that persona, usually considered less positive and therefore held back from public display, but no less real. And then there is the deeper, inner, core identity, the authentic self. All these are represented by the Sun, and all of these pertain as much to a nation as to an individual.

We could be facing the death of the United Kingdom as it currently is, and the resurgence of the constituent nations and parts: Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland. But we could also be facing the resurrection of the Union in a different form, a radical and wholesale rearrangement of the relationships between the constituent parts.”

With regards to this coming clash in the heavens, historians have associated many things with this particular cycle...a few key phrases include:

Chaos. Anarchy. Turbulence. Instability. Unsettling. Radicalism. Technological errors and destruction. Unpredictability. Extreme reversals. Upsetting of apple carts. Creative destruction. Destructive alterations. Excessive changes; extremes. Insurrection. Evolution. Revolution. Reform. Rebellion. Revolt.

The masses must come to the realization that to move through this Armageddon we must be willing to become much more aware of what is really going on; we must begin to stand up against oppression and deception; we must stand up for equilibrium and balance and find creative ways to break new ground. We must be fearless in the face of adversity and challenge and be willing to fight for freedom and truth.

And there's the rub that makes the challenge so much more daunting...we have allowed ourselves to be continuously deceived and let our minds be controlled as to what to believe and what to accept...the veil of illusion has created so much distraction for us so as to make us not observe or question the bird seed we are being fed on a daily basis. Such distractions include the recent refusal of the American President to be truthful about his ancestry, the claim that Osama Bin Laden has been 'taken out' and the media blackout about the evolving crisis Japan.

We are being programmed to accept a POLICE STATE with no power to resist.

And then again what is truth, another factor that is involved in the current cosmic cycles playing out: More keyword phrases: Tracking. Interception of communication, transmission, and movement. Transparency and good governance. Clash and re-adjustments between democracy and plutocracy/autocracy.

For those who may survive the oncoming onslaught,the challenge will be one of Resurrection akin to the Phoenix rising from the ashes: in essence a renaissance, a term used to refer not only to an historic era, but also a cultural movement on learning expressed through music,the arts, dress and the development of linear perspective and widespread educational reform in response to major political and social upheavals.

The question will be, as an individual what can you contribute to the re-organization of the world???

If the people could be prepared to accept the challenge as an opportunity for a new start there could be a “rebirth and resurrection of diversity, liberty and the human spirit” however it seems at this stage of consciousness we are seriously ill-prepared. We have too easily allowed our resources to be squandered by the military-industrial complex. We have allowed our rights and liberties to be gradually taken away from us. We have been mesmerized by the media into believing that excess consumerism and materialism is a good thing, under the false belief that this is what success and fulfillment is all about. We have failed to reduce, reuse and recycle on the scale that has been necessary. We have been lulled into complacency through mind control which has changed our values, beliefs and ethics. We have put profits above people. We have become intolerant and prejudicial against others. We have allowed third world countries to be plundered for their resources, leaving the people incapable of caring for their own. We have allowed poverty and homelessness to increase, contributing to charitable causes on a seasonal basis instead of standing up and demanding change from our so called leaders. We have allowed our governments to be deceptive and duplicitous, forgetting that they are supposed to be there 'for the people' not the other way around. We have allowed politicians to be given exorbitant and excessive pension plans, instead of insisting on supporting the disadvantaged around us. We have lost our very humanity and abandoned our purpose of being stewards of the earth, rather than masters of it. We have become a greedy throw-away society whereby even humans are considered disposable. Our children have been led astray down the paths of violence and selfishness, leaving their education to an incompetent educational system and virtual realities through video games and the internet.

We have been duped into believing that war is good and no longer stand up to protest against it and walk for peace; as we have also been duped into believing that the drug wars are being fought against, rather than contributed to.

The Reckoning will not begin in is already happening! The organization of a Police State is well underway already in America without us even recognizing what is going on. The identity crisis in the U.K is weakening that country which was once a great power; I sense a similar situation in Canada which once was considered the Peacekeeper Nation but has now joined the fray of wars and aggression. The Middle East is in turmoil and crisis. Japan has now been crippled and potentially poses a nuclear threat to the rest of the world. Don't you see how far our world has fallen and is now in the process of total deterioration and destruction? It is no longer a myth or mere prophecy. IT IS HAPPENING NOW!
Governments are toppling like dominoes and all this shown by the cosmic clash underway as part of our human evolution. The worst of it is that we have reached the point of NO RETURN and there is no going back, because we have been idle and living in denial for way too long. Only when you can interpret the astro-logical cycles coming into play can you understand this important evolutionary plan that is unfolding as it meant to be.

The actors are all lined up and ready to step out onto the stage and when the curtain rises we must be prepared to be shocked into awareness and understanding in the struggle for our very lives. Unfortunately things seldom change until there is a major crisis and on the personal level this is often the only way to force people to work together and for the greater good of all. People in general are not always willing to take off their blinders. As such, prior to the Resurrection and any hope of Renaissance, there must be Chaos and Instability. Revolutions are not born of complacency and denial. And while the Lord of Hope and Benevolence struggles to maintain a state of optimism and promise he is largely overpowered by the other players insisting on transformation and truth. The Phoenix must rise from the ashes of total destruction.

The Lord of the Underworld holds the manifesto, while the Lord of Chaos acts as the agent of destabilization and the challenge of getting us to wake up and take the 'reality' pill. The Lord of Karma will continue to insist on balance and equality in our relationships to promote the concepts of co-operation and judiciousness. Meanwhile the Goddess of the Depths is acting behind the scenes to get us to wake up from our dreams and illusions and reach for a new consciousness of collective unity and awareness. And in this month of May, the Agent of Action and Ambition focuses actively on economic and financial issues.

Questions to consider:

Are you adaptable and resourceful enough to work through a new paradigm of cutbacks and living with less? Do you have survival supplies on hand? Do you have the emotional strength to see you through crisis? Are you willing to stand up against oppression and government deceptions? Are your desires balanced with your true needs? What changes are you willing to make to contribute to a more balanced humanistic life-style? What are you willing to forfeit for the greater good of all? Will you continue to drive everywhere when gas prices spiral out of control?
Will you continue to support false leaders and government manipulations; the military-industrial complex and big business; capitalistic abuses and ambitions? Can you consume less and recycle more? Will you continue to travel by air despite the excess consumption of fuel and 'hands down your pants' security checks?
Will you submit to highly guarded road checks? Will you allow military 'practices' in your own towns and cities which can include invasions of your own home?
Will you continue to 'support the troops' and send millions to their deaths for insurgencies and wars that have nothing to do with us?

At times the problems of the world seem insurmountable leaving us with a sense that there is little that the individual can do to stop this runaway train of global destruction...still there are personal steps we can all take to raise the consciousness and awareness of the challenges barreling towards us. Ultimately these are the keys to survival...awareness, attentiveness, adaptability, willingness to act, and preparation. Remember that in an effort to confront challenges we must first know who and what we are fighting for. And this is why ignorance and denial only makes us vulnerable to the axis of evil and the deviant power of others.


The manifesto of this Armageddon that is already underway is, in it's purest form about reform and balance. We have many lessons to learn all of which will be significant to our personal and collective survival.

We will be required to gain awareness and change our understandings about:

-Boundaries and individuals, borders and orders.
-How power works. The law of the jungle in its garb of officialdom.
-Command and control: Personal power versus domination and subservience.
-the devious plan for a A New World Order.
-Conflict [war] versus co-operation and peace.
-Judiciousness and abuse
-self-reliance versus dependency
- a free state versus a police state
-standing up against the establishment as necessary
-Rebellion for the purpose of positive change
-Hierarchy and order - The power of bureaucracy and its relationship to individual initiative.
-True leadership versus the greed for power and authority
-the dangers of government and organizational structures and institutions.
-the workings of 'secret societies.
-the deeper spirit within each of us; Creative Power and the pioneering spirit
-Initiation and mastery
-Independence and social responsibility - how they combine or clash, new ways to live in balance with both
-Aggression and control
-limited consciousness and heightened consciousness
-spirit versus materialism
-overcoming fears and personal weaknesses
-illusion versus clear thought
-what truly constitutes reality?
-the laws of right living

These are all themes that will play out in the paradigm shift to come. Fear is our greatest adversary because it makes us weak and thus easily manipulated and unable to stand up against aggressors and threat. The fear of death also makes us quite short-sighted, limiting our visions and higher perspectives. Furthermore it has also been quoted that 'what humans fear most is the loss of control' yet still we allow that to be taken away from us, or give it away willingly.
The only thing that can change a dying world is an awakened consciousness that is fueled by humanitarian goals, compassion, understanding, selflessness, hope and the spirit of caring and sharing. A wise person once said: The things we do for others [and the greater all] are more important than the things we do for ourselves.

Where will you stand?

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