Saturday, February 5, 2011

dreams of flying

                 Have you ever dreamed of flying? Apparently it is quite common and I have experienced such a dream from time to time. In the dream however I was still encumbered by the body which made it initially quite difficult to rise above the ground…but oh what exhilaration it was after I finally got the hang of it. In the dream I sensed my desperate desire to fly and in the end I learned that I had to focus all my will on making it so. That was the key to it all.

Now some dream dictionaries claim that flying is a symbol of ‘sexual prowess’ which I find absurd. To me it represents the aspiration towards higher, consciousness; it symbolizes freedom, empowerment and the gaining of perspective. As in the book Jonathan Livingstone Seagull which was a cornerstone for my own journey towards awakening, it was said:
“The gull who flies highest, sees farthest”
.Jonathan was indeed a seagull who aspired to perfecting the art of flight. He suggested that ‘life is more than merely scrabbling after fishheads’. He was ultimately ousted from the flock for his efforts which were deemed to be foolish. Separated from the flock he still continued to practice more skilled flying… and he had many important lessons to teach us.
The act of flying in a dream also makes a connection to the concept of astral travel. It may indeed be that our dream world is where we all perform astral projection. This I believe to be one of the more likely explanations. Do you recall that we typically just remember vignettes from our dreams, and that the scenes and situations seem to change almost instantaneously. One moment we are engaged in one thing, the next the entire scene has changed. And often there does not seem to be any connection between one experience and the next.  

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