Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Mystik is one who...

These first three paragraphs are quotes from another source which I find meaningful:
The Spiritual teachings inform us that “We are on this earth, in our physical bodies, because our souls have things to learn that we could not learn in any other way. It is through our physical body and the physical world that we can experience life. Purely spiritual beings are just that – they are in a state of being rather than doing – in a place that is beyond the limitations of time and space. But when we incarnate on the physical plane, we are automatically subject to the laws of physics and the world of dualities. In this place, we know what happiness is because we have experienced sadness, and we understand the value and power of light because we have known darkness. Knowing this, we have the opportunity to let ourselves be spiritual beings having a physical experience.”
There is no pain in the spiritual realm, because we know we are one with the limitless source of the universe. But here, in the material realm, our sense of limitation and separation allows us to feel our emotions and to learn about love, forgiveness, and compassion. We go from a spiritual state of oneness to learning how to be in relationship with people who are different and distinct individuals. We learn to understand ourselves through our relationships with the world around us—its seasons and landscapes, challenges and opportunities. And through our journey to find our place among so many others, we begin to recognize our own glimmer of light in a constellation of stars.”
Once we remember that we are spiritual beings, we can revel in the experience of being human while knowing we are all connected. We can live from the place of oneness while truly appreciating the beauty of diversity, the bittersweet feel of love and loss, and the elation of triumph over challenges and adversity. It is through these opposites that we experience life itself, and we can ride through the dark times with the understanding that it will help us to appreciate the light of life and love and spirit more fully. We are here now because we made the choice to experience an earth life, so now we can choose to enjoy the journey as completely as possible.” 
In my own words:                                                
 In our complex world there tends to be a lot of bias associated with certain words which I would like to clarify as per my personal understandings:
Religion is not specifically about spiritually. Millions of people are killed in the name of God which is very contradictory in my view. I see religion as being just another organization that has been set up to control and dominate others with dogma and rituals. I learned that lesson a good many years ago and this is not a word I use in connection to spirituality. I once joined an online Christian group but soon learned that there was no true substance there and no ‘free thought’…it was all just about quoting scriptures which many had no real understanding of anyway.
Spirituality is another word that some people balk at however I use it liberally in connection with the journey towards enlightenment. Eastern philosophies often use this term as opposed to religion. Still there are people who do not wish to consider this topic at all, since to them it indicates illogical thinking and airy-fairy beliefs. This is the problem that was associated with the New Age which was also considered, and rightly so, suspicious to say the least. Too many false prophets and charlatans tainted the word. We need to use more grown up words to disassociate from negative implications carried in the minds of many. I now call this age ‘the Quickening.’
How about Mysticism? This term is associated with individuals who inspire a sense of Mystery and Wonder. A friend once sent me this concept:
 A Mystik is not one who whispers prayers on the wind;
         A Mystik is one who commits to the evolution of the Mind.

*note: the alternative spelling is deliberate.
As a personal who is naturally intuitive and keenly perceptive to the mysteries I consider myself a Mystik even while I admit that I am still in training…for the mystik the journey never truly ends…
Years ago I penned a manuscript as a pathwork for the burgeoning soul:
The Mystik Way

A personal journal for Conscious Awareness & Transcendence.

This was in association with my Mystik Vale website. Then last year I wrote another e-book entitled Walking with Spirit.
My muse suggests that it is time for me to share some of these concepts with others. And this is where I will be diverging from the negative implications of prophecies and predictions for 2012. We have already thrashed through the common doom and gloom predictions.
 It is time now for greater spiritual grounding which may be the only way we can prepare for whatever unfolds in two years. Do you see?

As a brief introduction these are my thoughts about Walking with Spirit:
Being in tune with Nature/Mother Gaia
Being at peace, within and without; Being content;
Being self reliant and self understanding through inner reflection
Being mindful of the need for balance between the emotions and the mind
Being not needy of others
Being helpful but self reliant in one’s own truth
Being comfortable in the body
Being open-minded and optimistic; seeking after wisdom about the ways of the Spirit;
Being aware of the follies of the personality;
Dedication to allowing the Spirit to evolve;
Being unaffected by physical difficulties; 
Being mindful of the Law of Allowing & the Law of Cause and Effect
Being accountable
Being accepting; expressing affection, gratitude, sharing from the heart, & compassion.
Let the journey begin…

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