Saturday, February 12, 2011

Secret underground locations 2012
I was very surprised to see the amount of secret underground locations
Which indicate that many groups are preparing for the galactic alignment in 2012
I learned more about the galactic alignment last night: although part of this alignment
Happens annually, the more complete alignment only happens every 25,000 years, this
Is why it is so significant. This is the result of the earth passing through the galactic ‘plane’.

Remember this is a cyclical event.
As such this makes it seem possible that the event could reverse itself [after 3 days perhaps]
Which previously perplexed me when watching the Day after Tomorrow once again…I presumed
That such a deep freeze would take forever to reverse itself. Yet in the movie it all was over in a very
Short interval. That then would make it possible to prepare for survival.

The galactic center is considered to be black hole, but what if it is actually a time tunnel.
If the earth only passes the ecliptic temporarily this would suggest something more like a
A short term ‘passing’ it makes more sense to understand that the nature of it would be
More of an Awakening as many mystiks are suggesting.

Also I did not realize that the Native nations concur with the Mayan concept as their own
Prophecies suggest---this is not a far reach considering most natives ancestors were from Mexico.

Check out Jupiter and Venus in the calendar – knowing that there will also be a Venus transit over
The sun during the event.

Others caution that it is more important to prepare on the psychic, spiritual level.  Be in the moment
And do not fear the future for the future is being created in the now. We must eliminate fear if we are
To balance our vibrational frequencies. 

Jupiter will also be opposing Venus near the galactic alignment

It is said that a passage through the galactic plane would indeed incite climate changes such as  super weather storms, , disasters,Solar flares, pole shift, hurricanes all depicted in the movie Day after tomorrow

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