Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mysticism and astro-logical understandings

February 2, 2011

Many people get turned off from astrology because of popularized magazine and newspaper horoscope readings…You need to know that this form of astrology is meant mostly to entertain the population…it is overly generalized and does nothing to help the individual.
The term astro-logical actually means making sense [logic] of the patterns of the stars and planetary  bodies[astro]. True astrology is much more personalized than that…it is not about fortune telling but involves a logical study of the planetary cycles and stages that affect people in variable ways… ‘the stars impel, they do not compel’ Perhaps looking at it through this perspective would help more people receptive to the combination of science and math.

Perhaps looking at it from this perspective would help more people to be receptive to the combination of science and math.I have studied this teaching for over 25 years now and part of my journey involves new understandings about this age-old art – one that is based largely on math and symbolism. Traditionally it was originally only available to the mystiks and the royals. In my own continuing studies I realize there is always room for new insights and more progressive interpretation.
Both the Mayan Calendar and the prophecies of Nostradamus are based on astro-logical knowledge…as Grant Lewi eloquently said “Astrology is not something to believe, it is something to know about.”

The Astro-logical chart for 12/21/2012 shows a magnified degree of power and energy showing much contradiction and tension. Looking towards the heavens is another way of gleaning understanding about what potentialities are apt to play out. I will be trying to blog about this important subject by clarifying the jargon used which often seems too overwhelming for many to assimiliate. My personal astro-logical website is located here: Here I explain about interpreting the symbolism as it is especially related to the importance of the Lunar Cycle. I also explain about the significance of the personal Lunar profile and Eclipses. Every month the new Lunar calendar is posted.
Mysticism is intuitively included under the title of the craft which lends a different tone to this site called The Mystik Vale than is expressed in my Blog.

A mystic is one who thinks beyond the physical/material levels of consciousness in search of greater truths and meanings in life. What is metaphysics? Simply put it is that which goes beyond the parameters of time and space. There are a great many topics to consider in metaphysical consciousness: Does the spirit ascend to a higher dimension after death? What are the Universal Laws? What is synchronicity, clairaudience, and phenomena? Is the world we envision truly something more akin to the Grid matrix? Do we experience parallel universes? What is psychic sensitivity? Which is more real, the Dream or the Dreamer?  What does it mean to Walk with Spirit?
Stay tuned as I take on such topics and many more…

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